So as you may have noticed Unitrends now has a little spot on the right hand side of my blog and I’m excited to have them there.  The thing that surprises me most about Unitrends is the shear amount of time they have been around – 20 years – that’s amazing.  Starting out by providing backup capabilities for Unix systems, then branching into Windows and finally now offering an application to protect both your physical and virtual applications I think you can safely say that they have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to backup.

So in terms of what readers of this blog might care about is their support now for both VMware and Hyper-V.   Unitrends comes in a virtual appliance format and is called Unitrends Enterprise Backup – a little bit more info about the product below…

  • Ability to protect both physical and virtual environments – very cool to have an ‘all in one’ solution.
  • Provides Instant Recover – Lower RTO’s by booting the VMs directly from the files they have been backed up to.
  • Archive capabilities – take those important time sensitive  frequently audited applications and be sure you have complied to all company policies by pealing off to SAN, NAS, tape or disk.
  • Flexible Deployment Options – Although I mentioned a virtual appliance above you do have ability to install a physical backup appliance as well for those who wish to keep their backup environments separated.
  • Provides File Level, Block Level and Application Level protection.
  • RDM support with an agent installed on guest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this product and expect some more content once I get it in the lab to try out.  But for now let me leave you with this.  Like most companies Unitrends offers trail versions of their software for 30 days with the ability to simply apply a license into the Enterprise version, however the difference here is that they also offer a FREE edition.  Now this free edition isn’t chopped down either, It’s a fully functional, online supported backup appliance.  You are limited to only 4 VMs but mostly all functionality is included within the free edition.   A nice fit for those ROBO installs with a couple of VMs running.  So get on over to Unitrends site now and have a look for yourself, get the trial, get the free edition, try it out and let me know what you think.  Also for those VCP’s/vExperts out there they have NFR licenses available!