Hey now!  Looks like I’ll be at Storage Field Day 13 coming up June 14th through 16th, 2017 in Denver, Colorado!  I’ve never been to Denver, nor have I met a lot of my fellow delegates so I’m pretty excited to attend this event! Anyways, consider this page as somewhat as a landing for everything mwpreston and SFD13.  I’ll be sure to put the livestreams up below during the event and also publish any articles surrounding the event here as well!

If you are looking for more information I’d suggest the official SFD13 event page where you can explore all of the sponsors and delegates alike!!  And be sure to follow along at home using the hashtag #SFD13

Just a disclaimer of sorts – every article, comment, rant or mention of SFD13 that you find here has been completed on my own. My travel, flights, accommodations, meals, drinks, gum, etc are all paid for by Gestalt IT, however I’m not required or obliged to return the favor in anyway other than my presence 🙂 – Which still feels weird to say 🙂  Well, my presence and possible a little bit of Maple Syrup.

Live from Denver

Watch here for the event live stream come June 14th!

The words

The concept of “Scale In” for high volume data - When we think of scaling our infrastructure within our data centers a couple different models come to mind – we can scale out, which is essentially adding more servers or nodes into our applications cluster or infrastructure – or we can scale up which involves adding more resources into our already existing servers to support […]
Is there still a need for specialized administrators? - We have been hearing the cliché’s for quite some time now within the technology industry.  Sayings like “Breaking down silos” and “Jack of all trades, Master of none” have been floating around IT offices for the past 5 years – and while I believe that these sayings certainly hold some clout I still have my […]
SNIA comes back for another Storage Field Day - SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry association is a non-profit organization that is made up of a number of member companies striving to create vendor-neutral architectures and standards throughout the storage industry.  Think Dell, VMware, HPE, Hitachi, all the likely names all behind closed doors working for the greater good.  Ok – that’s their definition.  Mine?  […]
X-IO Technologies – A #SFD13 preview - In terms of the technology sector we always joke that when startups are 5 years old that sometimes makes them legacy!  Meaning, 5 years is a long time in the eyes of a technologist – things change, tech changes, new hardware emerges.  All of this drives change!  Well if a 5 years makes a mature […]
Hear more from Exablox at Storage Field Day 13 - As I continue along with some SFD13 previews I stumble upon Exablox.  Exablox is one of the few presenting companies at SFD13 that I know very little about so I’m excited to hear what they have to offer and say come June 14th in Denver when the event kicks off.  Also,  Exablox is coming into […]
Primary Data set to make their 5th appearance at Storage Field Day - This June @ SFD13 Primary Data will make their 5th appearance at a fully fledged Tech Field Day event despite having just GA’d their flagship product just 9 short months ago at VMworld 2016 (They have a few TFD Extra events as well).  Now, pardon my math but for a company that was founded in […]
A field day of Storage lay ahead! - I’ve had the awesome opportunity to participate in a few tech field day events throughout the last few years, travelling to Austin for VFD4, Boston for VFD5, and finally San Jose for TFD12 just last November!  To be honest, these days provide me with more knowledge than a lot of the week long training courses I […]