I’ve been lucky enough to have been selected to participate as one of the delegates in Virtualization Field Day 4 taking place January 14th through 16th in Austin, Texas. To say I’m excited is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been a big fan of the both the layout and content that TFD has provided over the years so to actually be part of it is somewhat of a nerds bucket list item!  This page will serve as my aggregator of sorts covering VFD4.

Just a disclaimer of sorts – every article, comment, rant or mention of VFD4 that you find here has been completed on my own. My travel, flights, accommodations, meals, drinks, gum, etc are all paid for by Gestalt IT, however I’m not required or obliged to return the favor in anyway other than my presence 🙂

We did it live!

VFD4 was streamed live and  you can watch as all the action unfolds. You can find all the recorded videos at the VFD4 official landing page

The words

Below you will find every article/post that I write tagged with #VFD4 (I’ll do my best to remember to do that)

Tech Field Day – #VFD4 – VMTurbo Putting a price on resources! - VMTurbo closed off the first day at VFD4 in Austin, Texas with an overview and deep dive into their flagship product Operations Manager.  This was one of the presentations that I was most looking forward to as my fellow Toronto VMUG Co-Leader, fellow Canadian and good friend Eric Wright was involved in it, and for […]
Tech Field Day – VFD4 – StorMagic A VSA living on the edge - Before we get too far into this post let’s first get some terminology straight.  StorMagic refers to your remote or branch offices as the “edge” – This might help when reading through a lot of their marketing material as sometimes I tend to relate “edge” to networking, more specifically entry/exit points. StorMagic, a UK based […]
Tech Field Day #VFD4 – Platform9 – Private cloud in 10 minutes or its free… - Let’s set the scene You are at your desk when your CIO can be heard descending down from the marble floored, nicely painted floor above you.  They stop and ask for an update on the private cloud initiatives.  As you begin laying out all your options they quickly intervene quoting several articles they read in […]
Tech Field Day VFD4 – Scale Computing – bringing hyperconvergence to the SMB - Scale Computing was the very last presenter at Virtualization Field Day 4 in Austin, Texas, yet they are the very first presenter that I’m going to blog about.  Now this has nothing to do with the fact that they had the “last word” or that they are the most recent vendor in my memory, it’s […]
A glimpse into the #VFD4 Sponsors – Simplivity, SolarWinds, StorMagic and VMTurbo - In a previous post I highlighted 4 of the 8 sponsors taking part in Virtualization Field Day 4 coming up January 14th through 16th in Austin, Texas.  Now it’s time to move on to the final four!  As mentioned in the previous post, the Tech Field Day events would certainly not be possible without the […]
A glimpse into the #VFD4 sponsors – CommVault, Dell, Platform9 and Scale Computing - Virtualization Field Day 4 is right around the corner, taking place January 14-16 in Austin, Texas!  Now, I’m trying to be smart and perform due diligence to the sponsors by doing a little pre-blogging and research on all of the vendors that will be participating.  There are a total of 8 sponsors, and honestly, without […]
#VFD4 – A Canadian in Texas? - I know, I didn’t leave much to the imagination with the blog title and as you may of guessed I’m going to be attending Virtualization Field Day 4 in Austin, Texas this January! I was ecstatic when I received the invitation and it didn’t take much convincing to get me to go!  I’ve been a […]