w00t!  Looks like I’ll be at Tech Field Day 12 coming up November 15th and 16th in Silicon Valley!  So excited to finally explore the valley and the headquarters of all these tech companies that have inspired me over the years!  Anyways, consider this page as somewhat as a landing for everything mwpreston and TFD12.  I’ll be sure to put the livestreams up below during the event and also publish any articles surrounding the event here as well!

If you are looking for more information I’d suggest the official TFD12 event page where you can explore all of the sponsors and delegates alike!  And be sure to follow along at home using the hashtag #TFD12

Just a disclaimer of sorts – every article, comment, rant or mention of TFD12 that you find here has been completed on my own. My travel, flights, accommodations, meals, drinks, gum, etc are all paid for by Gestalt IT, however I’m not required or obliged to return the favor in anyway other than my presence 🙂 – Which still feels weird to say 🙂  Well, my presence and possible a little bit of Maple Syrup.

Live from Silicon Valley it’s TFD12

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The Atlas File System – The foundation of the Rubrik Platform - One of the core selling points of the Rubrik platform is the notion of something called “unlimited scale” – the ability to start small and scale as large as you need, all the while maintaining their masterless deployment!  Up until a few weeks ago I was unaware of how they actually achieved this, but after […]
A VMware guy’s perspective on containers - Recently I attended Tech Field Day 12 in San Jose and was lucky enough to sit down with Docker for a couple of hours.  Docker talked about a number of things including Containers as a Service, Security, Networking, Cloud and the recent integration points on Microsoft Server 2016.  Now I’m not going to pretend here – […]
Scaling storage with an army of ARM! - It’s no surprise to anyone that storage is growing at an incredible rate – rich media, sensor devices, IoT – these are all affecting the amount of storage capacity that organizations need today and it’s only going to get worse in the future!  Organizations need somewhere to put this data, somewhere safe and protected, somewhere […]
Friday Shorts – VMware, Veeam, Docker and Community - Dreams are important!  Otherwise, sleep is just 8 hours of nothing. – MacGyver vSphere 6.5 is here! NDA’s have been lifted and the flood gates have opened in terms of bloggers around the world talking about vSphere 6.5!  Now that the product has finally been declared GA we can all go ahead and download it […]
Cohesity bringing secondary storage to Tech Field Day - Cohesity is next up in my flurry of Tech Field Day 12 previews with their secondary storage play.  I just recently got to see Cohesity present as they were a sponsor at our Toronto VMUG which took place at the legendary Hockey Hall of Fame, so I guess you could say that Cohesity is the only […]
DellEMC will make it’s first appearance at a Field Day event since merger! - Next in the long list of previews for Tech Field Day 12 is DellEMC – you know, that small company previously known as EMC that provides a slew of products primarily based on storage, backup, cloud and security.  Yeah, well, apparently 67 billion dollars and the largest acquisition in the tech industry ever allows you to throw […]
Intel to take the stage at Tech Field Day! - Intel?  Who?  Never heard of them!  I always find it interesting the mix of presenting companies that Gestalt IT seems to get for their field day events – a lot may think its just for startups trying to get their name out – but with Intel, the 40+ year old tech giant involved I think […]
Rubrik to talk cloud data management at Tech Field Day - Is it just me or does it seem that every time you turn around Rubrik is breaking news about receiving some crazy high number of dollars in funding?  Their last round, a series C of a wee 61 million brought them up to a total of 112 M – that last round more than doubled […]
Docker to make 4th Field Day appearance! - Ah Docker – Probably the coolest logo of any tech company I know!  Certainly as of late that whale has been all the rage, well, more-so those containers sitting up on top of him.  We’ve seen the likes of Microsoft and VMware all declaring support for Docker – we have saw startups spawning around Docker […]
Igneous bringing the cloud to you at Tech Field Day - Today we will continue on our Tech Field Day 12preparation of trying to get a grasp on some of the companies presenting at the event.  Next up, Igneous Systems – again, another company I’ve not had any interaction with or have really even heard of.  With that, let’s take a quick look at the company […]
DriveScale set to make first ever Tech Field Day appearance! - DriveScale – another company presenting at Tech Field Day 12 that I know very little about – consider this post a homework assignment on my part – to at least learn a little bit about the company, the problems they are trying to solve, and the products and services offered.  Just as the last company I had […]
StorageOS to take the stage at Tech Field Day 12 - As with previous Field Day events I’ve participated in I always like to do a little research on the companies presenting so I don’t simply go in blind not knowing what they do.  First up for this year is  StorageOS – a company I’ve not heard of up until this very minute of writing!  Now […]
Tech Field Day 12 – Goin’ back to Cali! - Yes Mr Cool J you heard that right – Although you don’t ‘think’ you are heading back, this guy is indeed ‘Goin back to Cali!’  While Mr Cool J would rather stay in New York I’m heading to Silicon Valley to partake in Tech Field Day 12 with a slew of great delegates and sponsors […]