Tech Field Day 12

w00t!  Looks like I’ll be at Tech Field Day 12 coming up November 15th and 16th in Silicon Valley!  So excited to finally explore the valley and the headquarters of all these tech companies that have inspired me over the years!  Anyways, consider this page as somewhat as a landing for everything mwpreston and TFD12.  I’ll be sure to put the livestreams up below during the event and also publish any articles surrounding the event here as well!

If you are looking for more information I’d suggest the official TFD12 event page where you can explore all of the sponsors and delegates alike!  And be sure to follow along at home using the hashtag #TFD12

Just a disclaimer of sorts – every article, comment, rant or mention of TFD12 that you find here has been completed on my own. My travel, flights, accommodations, meals, drinks, gum, etc are all paid for by Gestalt IT, however I’m not required or obliged to return the favor in anyway other than my presence 🙂 – Which still feels weird to say 🙂  Well, my presence and possible a little bit of Maple Syrup.

Live from Silicon Valley it’s TFD12

The words

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