So, in my efforts to help all of YOU get your VCP 5 I have developed a bunch of practice questions that you can go through in order to gage where you may be at in terms of knowledge of vSphere 5!  Honestly, I'm sure that you might find some errors or incorrect questions/answers while going through them all, so if you do, please let me know through the comments and I will do my best to get them all fixed up!  Also, keep checking back, I'll try to keep adding new questions when I can.

If you haven't checked out my VCP 5 page yet I would recommend doing so as this is what I used to create the questions!  You can also find links to all of the test exam questions on that page as well.  Follow the links below to take questions based on each section of the blueprint or click here for every question I have!

​Good Luck!

Section 1 – Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi

Section 2 – Plan and Configure vSphere Networking

Section 3 – Plan and Configure vSphere Storage

Section 4 – Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

Section 5 – Establish and Maintain Service Levels

Section 6 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting

Section 7 – Monitor a vSphere Implementation and Manage vCenter Server Alarms

You know what, Give me all you got!