Month: November 2012

Upgrading vCenter Operations 5.x to 5.6

First off there are a few different ways to get vCenter Operations 5.6 up and rolling into your environment.  The way documented here is the upgrade path that it looks like VMware is recommending; by downloading and installing the pak file into your existing installation of vCenter Operations 5.x.  By going this route you are able to maintain all of your collected data metrics and don’t have the hassle of deploying a new vApp or instance of vCOps. Once you have the pak file downloaded, log into your vCenter Operations Administration Portal.  The admin portal is probably not a screen that you are familiar with.  In the few years that I’ve been running vCOps I’ve probably been into these screens only a handful of times.  You can get to your admin portal by browsing to https://your_vc_ops_ip/admin/ Once in the admin portal select the ‘Update’ tab along the top navigational menu.  It’s here you will browse to your downloaded pak file and initiate the update – to do so, click ‘Browse’, select your pak file and then click ‘Update’ – Imagine that – a step that follows the logic of what you are thinking in your head 🙂 vCOps Update Tab  Once you have selected the EULA and confirmed the update the upgrade process will begin.  This process for me took approximately 15 minutes.  Once it’s done you should be...

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vCenter Operations 5.6 – Go Get IT!!!

Any follower of this blog knows that I am indeed a huge vCenter Operations fan!  I’ve done a couple presentations about the product both at my local Toronto VMUG as well as VMworld 2012 stressing this.  It’s not the uncanny ability to monitor the environment that excites me, it’s the ability for the software to learn the ‘normals’ of your environment and display all of that in a series of coherent, sharp looking dashboards that really drives the value of the product to me! So, without further ado the VMworld announced vCenter Operations 5.6 is finally available for download so if you are a current VCOps customer you can go ahead and pull down your upgrade.  But wait, what if I’m not a VCOps customer?  Oh, no worries, with the release of 5.6 so long as you are licensed with vSphere you can go and pull down the Foundation edition for FREE! Huh!?!?!  Foundations edition???  Let’s have a look!  With the introduction of the re-branding to the vCenter Operations Management Suite, the foundation edition came to life as well.  Having a quick look at the editions I would say that the foundation edition is pretty close to what the Standard edition used to be (minus the dynamic thresholds but still FREE), the standard edition now includes the capacity optimization features that the old advanced edition offered, the advanced edition now includes the physical...

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A slew of announcements from Starwind Software

November 15th was a pretty big day for the teams over at StarWind Software.  Three press releases came out from the company yesterday dealing not only with their iSCSI SAN solution but they are now a player in the backup space.  First off the recently released iSCSI SAN with High Availability is now available for the low low price of FREE!  There are some restrictions on the amount of data within the free edition however it’s still a great piece of technology to pull down and try!  Full press release is here. Next up is the backup announcements.  A new version of their Storage Software and a Enhanced Backup for Windows Server Hyper-V is out now.  Again, another press release here.  Also last but certainly not least is the Backup Solution for VMware has now also been launched with full support for vSphere 5.1 – once more, press release here. Big congrats to the teams over at StarWinds on a crazy launch day...

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More freebies from Veeam!

Just a quick update –  Veeam has announced that their program in which they dole out free NFR licenses to vExperts, VCP’s, VCI’s, MVP’s, MCP’s, and MCTS’s has been updated to now include the lastest release of Veeam Backup and Replication.  So if  you are in any of the following groups be sure to go and grab your 2-socket license and try it out!  For more information on the new features you can check out their promotional video here.   vExperts, VCP’s and VCI’s – click here for your copy MVP’s, MCP’s and MCTS’s – click here for your...

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A little bit about my latest sponsor – Unitrends

So as you may have noticed Unitrends now has a little spot on the right hand side of my blog and I’m excited to have them there.  The thing that surprises me most about Unitrends is the shear amount of time they have been around – 20 years – that’s amazing.  Starting out by providing backup capabilities for Unix systems, then branching into Windows and finally now offering an application to protect both your physical and virtual applications I think you can safely say that they have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to backup. So in terms of what readers of this blog might care about is their support now for both VMware and Hyper-V.   Unitrends comes in a virtual appliance format and is called Unitrends Enterprise Backup – a little bit more info about the product below… Ability to protect both physical and virtual environments – very cool to have an ‘all in one’ solution. Provides Instant Recover – Lower RTO’s by booting the VMs directly from the files they have been backed up to. Archive capabilities – take those important time sensitive  frequently audited applications and be sure you have complied to all company policies by pealing off to SAN, NAS, tape or disk. Flexible Deployment Options – Although I mentioned a virtual appliance above you do have ability to install a physical backup appliance as well for those who...

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