You may have already guessed it, yup, I’m Canadian eh!

Currently I’m a creator of things at Rubrik Inc working for their wicked awesome Tech Marketing team.  Prior to that I spent 12 in the customer space and dabbled for a few in the partner space.

I’ve had the privilege of being awarded vExpert for the last 7 years and I’m also a co-leader in the Toronto VMUG.  It’s these two things which I am most proud of when I talk about my career with virtualization.  The community is something that I hold close and value very much so to be rewarded for sharing and giving back is one of the greatest feelings.

When I’m not working I love to spend time with my wife of 10 years, my son of 9 and daughter of 6.  I’m a huge hockey fan and an even bigger Montreal Canadiens fan.  I love to travel, although I don’t do much of it and I fit the stereotype of the quintessential IT nerd with my constant tinkering around with gadgets and devices.  I also enjoy DIY projects around the house, but unfortunately am not very good at some of them.

I hope to fill this space on the web with anything and everything IT that happens around me.  You will probably see the most posts centering around VMware and its ecosystem partners, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rant or two about a Habs loss every now and then.  Also, I welcome any feedback that anyone has to provide, positive and negative.

Happy reading 🙂 @mwpreston