Can you believe it?  I actually get to go back!  Once again I get the pleasure of being a delegate for Virtualization Field Day, this time number 5 taking place in Boston June 24th through 26th.   I’ve been a big fan of the both the layout and content that TFD has provided over the years so to actually be part of it truly an honor!  This page will serve as my aggregator of sorts covering VFD5.

Just a disclaimer of sorts – every article, comment, rant or mention of VFD5 that you find here has been completed on my own. My travel, flights, accommodations, meals, drinks, gum, etc are all paid for by Gestalt IT, however I’m not required or obliged to return the favor in anyway other than my presence 🙂 – Which still feels weird to say 🙂

Coming at you live from boston!

Ok, so we aren’t live anymore but you can check out all the videos over at the VFD5 event page!
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Below you will find every article/post that I write tagged with #VFD5 (I’ll do my best to remember to do that)

Ravello Systems – Inception without the kick! - If you have at all visited this blog in the last 4 or so months you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I’m a pretty big Ravello Systems fan!  I was part of their beta for nested ESXi and I’ve wrote about my thoughts on that plenty of times.  With the beta out of the […]
VMTurbo – allowing smart people to do smart things - Let’s face it, our environments now are way more complex than they were 10 years ago!  Although some tasks and components may be easier to work with and not quite as specialized, we have a lot of them – and they all need to work, in perfect harmony, together.  The problem with this is at […]
Rubrik brought Apple simplicity and Google scale together, you’ll never guess what happens next… - Finally I have figured out a way to incorporate techniques from the vast amounts of click-bait on my Facebook into this blog!  Did it work? In all seriousness though Rubrik, who recently presented at Virtualization Field Day 5 in Boston have brought together both the simplicity of Apple and the scale of Google and what […]
Removing disaster recovery from your business with OneCloud - Let’s face it!  We all have enough to worry about with our production environments!  We’ve got servers, storage, switches, fabrics, subnets, hypervisors, cabling – ugh cabling!  Anyways the point being is that having to worry about all of the complexity and components within our production data center is enough to drive any IT pro crazy […]
PernixData – transforming to a new arc… - Nearing then end of their Virtualization Field Day 5 presentation, Satyam Vaghani, CTO and co-founder of PernixData touched on something dubbed “The arc of company life” – basically explaining how a companies journey involves an arc, moving from startup, through growth, till finally peaking and then beginning a decline.  Certainly all of these stages sound […]
#VFD5 Preview – VMTurbo - Once again it looks like I’m going to have to get on a plane and travel to the great US of A in order to see my fellow Toronto VMUG Co-leader Eric Wright, who lives within a couple hours of where I’m sitting right now!  But that’s ok, because Eric will be bringing with him […]
#VFD5 Preview–Ravello Systems - Ravello Systems have certainly had there fair share of buzz lately and rightly so – the shear fact that you can run a 64 bit VM, on top of a nested ESXi host, on top of their hypervisor (HVX), on either Amazon or Google Cloud is to say at the least – the bomb! I’ve […]
#VFD5 Preview – Scale Computing - Virtualization Field Day 5 in Boston will be Scale Computing’s fifth appearance at a Tech Field Day event dating all the way back to VMworld 2012 when they launched their hyperconvergence solution, HC3.  Thinking about this is kind of funny really – picture the Scale Computing booth on the VMworld show floor – at the time […]
#VFD5 Preview–PernixData - I’ve had the pleasure of seeing PernixData a number of times both at our local Toronto VMUGs as well as at VMworld.  Also, I have a couple close friends working for Pernix so I’m very familiar with what the solutions they currently offer.  One interesting thing about Pernix is that they have a bit of […]
#VFD5 Preview – NexGen - Alright here’s another company presenting at VFD5 in Boston that I recognize, but know very little about!  Thankfully the Stanley Cup playoffs are done and I now have a little extra room in my brain to take in all the info that will be thrown at us.  Anyways I started to do a little digging […]
#VFD5 Preview – Rubrik - There has been much a buzz about Rubrik over the last few weeks with them going GA and coming up with oh, you know, a cool 41 mil in series B funding.  Certainly if you haven’t heard of them before you can probably recognize their name now!  I for one, had not looked at their […]
#VFD5 Preview – OneCloud - Am I looking forward to the presentation at Virtualization Field Day 5 from OneCloud?  I have no idea!  Why?  Well, here is a company that I know absolutely nothing about!  I can’t remember ever coming across OneCloud in any of my journey’s or conferences!  Honestly, I think this is the first company that is the […]
#VFD5 Preview–DataGravity - Let’s set the stage here!  We got Paula Long – yes, the same Paula Long that co-founded EqualLogic  – yes the same EqualLogic that Dell purchased in 2008 for 1.4 billion.  We have John Joseph – another long time (as long as  you can get in startups) EqualLogic member!  These two get together to execute […]
Lobstah, Chowdah, and Virtualization Field Dah – Here I come #VFD5 - Boston is known for many things – as the title suggests they have their lobstah and chowdah, the infamous and tasty Boston cream donut (don’t know if that’s an actual Boston thing but it is at Tim Hortons) – outside of food they have the New Kids on the Block (don’t ask how I know, […]