SPEAKING-EVENTSI’ve been lucky enough to attend a few events specifically due to my activities on this blog and other social outlets.  In efforts for the posts I’ve created not be lost in the archives of this blog I thought I would break them out and categorize them here for you all to enjoy!

In most cases my travel and accommodation is paid for by a sponsor of the event and I try to disclaim that on every blog I write – however sometimes it’s forgotten so just know that anything I write on not just the events, but on this whole blog is always my words and is by no means required by anyone!

If you are looking for someone to attend your event by all means reach out ( Schedule permitting I’ll definitely consider it!

Events I’ve attended



Virtualization Field Day 5 – June 24-26, 2015 – Boston, Massachusetts


Virtualization Field Day 4 – January 14-16, 2015 – Austin, Texas


VeeamON 2014 – October 6-9th, 2014 – Las Vegas

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