Hey why not?  We are all in this together.  I’ll try to fill this spot up with some of the scripts that I have wrote and/or will be writing in the future.  Basically, anything that I think might help others will go here…  Have at it!


Powershell Scripts

Script Name Description
Script used to power on the VMs that have been powered off by the poweroffvms.ps1 script.   Blog post can be found here.
This is an updated script from the one listed directly below.  Rather than looping through hosts one by one I now shutdown all VMs right off the hop.  I found that during testing the script didn’t have enough time to run.  Also, I’m now dumping a list of powered on VMs before shutting everything down in order to automate the power on of these VMs when power is restored.  That script should be directly above this one.  Blog post can be found here.
This script will loop through a list of ESXi hosts and initiate shutdown commands to the vm’s residing on them. If VMware Tools is installed, the  script will attempt to do a graceful shutdown. If VMware tools is not installed a hard power off will be issued. One note, if you have any VMs that you would like to remain on until the end of the process be sure to put their names in the $vmstoleaveon variable and also be sure they reside on the last  host listed in the $hoststoprocess variable.  Blog post explaining process here.
ResourcePoolPie.ps1 This script will have a look at a production and a test resource pool and crunch some numbers to give recommendations on how to achieve a custom share value that will give you a 4:1 Production:Test ratio when contention occurs.  Need to populate the Production and Test Resource Pool names, the vCenter server name as well as the cluster name.  Blog Post explaining process – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3


Other Stuff


Name Description
My OMG VCP 5 Exam Blueprint Dissection Study Guide PDF This is basically the VCP 5 Exam Blueprint with all of the study notes that I have compiled in respect to every study point on the blueprint.  I’ve done this online through my VCP 5 page, but thought that the offline PDF version would offer those the ability to take it with them on their tablets, netbooks, phones, whatever..


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