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Friday Shorts – #TOVMUG, Ravello, Veeam Vanguard, vExpert and more…

Doughnuts!  I told you I don’t like ethnic food! – Mr Burns, The Simpsons

This edition of Friday Shorts isn’t really going to be that short at all – It’s been a while since I’ve done one and there is a ton of content out there that I wanted to re-share for people so buckle up, here it is!

2016 Toronto VMUG UserCon !

tovmugThursday, February 25th marked the date for the 2016 Toronto VMUG Full Day UserCon and I couldn’t be happier as to how it turned out!  Honestly, as a leader I was interested the whole day about how many attendees we had and as it turned out we had our best year ever with 800+ registrations and 605 brains that walked through the doors!  Last year we had 601 and I’m sure it would have been more for this year but you know, Canadian winters eh!  We had Nick Marshall do the morning keynote and his talk was awesome – I heard nothing but good things from the attendees in regards to the content Nick had to talk about (BTW it was dubbed Building your IT Career)  If you get a chance to have Nick out for your VMUG do so!  He’s awesome!  For our lunchtime keynote we had a VCDX panel – Tim Antonowitz, James Wirth, Joe Silvagi and Eiad Al-Aqqad graciously volunteered to sit up on stage as we had some great discussion with the attendees at the conference from everything dealing with certification through to NSX integration!  All in all it was a great day and if you were there I hope you enjoyed it – if you weren’t, come next year!

What does Docker, vExpert, Ravello and Netflix have in common?

@h0bbel that’s what!  More explanation – well, Christian is a vExpert, vExperts get some free CPU hours on Ravello Systems (Ravello is awesome BTW – be nice Oracle!), and he has a great post on his blog on how to setup Dockerflix within Ravello on Photon in order to test (get around) those geo-blocking Netflix firewall “you can’t watch this” setups!   So if you are say a vExpert blogger that lives in Canada that really fancies yourself a couple of hours of Legally Blonde I suggest you set the Maple Syrup ladle down and head over to Christians post!.

Speaking of Ravello – How’s about some community cmdlets?

PowerShell-LogoAnd when you think of community in the sense of this blurb just think of Luc Dekens being a one-man community!  If you are Ravello user and fancy yourself some PowerShell cmdlets Luc has an updated module on his blog available for download.  Luc has certainly put a lot of effort into this module which contains hooks into almost every single API Ravello offers!  I certainly find this module very useful for my work with Ravello and just want to give Luc a big Thank You for this!

Running commands on the VCSA without SSH

commandlineIf I was being shipped off to a deserted island and could only take with me the RSS feed of one virtualization blog I have to think that as of today that blog would be William Lams virtuallyGhetto!  William just seems really good at figuring things out – is that a line that can go on a resume?  I don’t know, either way, his recent post on how to run commands on the VCSA remotely without enabling ssh is pretty awesome!   He utilizes the Guest Operations API through a vSphere SDK to do so!  Just go read it, it’s gold Jerry, it’s gold!  goes here it is

 #ChrisWahlFacts – He doesn’t mess around when it comes to dropping knowledge about PowerShell and REST APIs

apiOver yonder at WahlNetwork.com Chris Wahl has a great series going on dubbed Automation for Operations – Honestly the whole series is great but its the last 4 parts that have really helped me out…a lot!  Chris has done a great job at explaining a bunch of concepts around utilizing PowerShell to connect to RESTful API’s, including Authentication, Processing GET Requests, Sending data with POST/PUT/PATCH, and his latest, creating hashtables for JSON payloads!

Veeam Vanguard nominations are open!

veeam_vanguard-700x224Ever wake up and think “Hey, Why isn’t so and so a Veeam Vanguard?”  or “Why am I not a Veeam Vanguard?”  Well, so long as you wake up wondering about that before March 30th you have a chance to throw your name or someone whom you think is worthy into the mix!  You can check out the official Veeam post here.

vExpert stuff!

vmware-vexpert-2013We all know that being a vExpert isn’t about what you get, but more about what you give – buuuuutttt, the fact of the matter is you do get stuff, sometimes lots of stuff, and it’s hard to keep track of it all!  Thankfully for the vExpert community Andrea Mauro is doing a great job at keeping track of it all for you!  Without posts like this there is no way I’d be able to keep track of it!  So, Thanks Andrea!

vExpert – Third times a charm!

I'm happy to announce that I have once again been awarded the vExpert status for the year 2014.  Being a vExpert is important to me, not for the licenses or perks that come with the title, but for the networking and learning opportunities that arise throughout the year.

Every year at VMworld John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Cory Romero (@vCommunityGuy) put together a vExpert/VCDX reception.  Just think about cramming a couple hundred vExperts/VCDX's into a room with free beer for a couple of hours – certainly any virtualization issue you have can be easily resolved within those 4 walls.   If I weren't a vExpert I most likely, well, I know for sure I wouldn't have received invites to the last two CTO parties in which I've had the opportunity to meet and speak with a couple of lesser known guys like ohhh Stephen Herrod and Pat Gelsinger 🙂  Need proof?  Here's your Toronto VMUG leadership team with our best buddy Pat.


The best part about being a vExpert which really doesn't directly relate to being a vExpert at all ( I know, that makes no sense, just bare with me) is how it has opened up the doors for some lifelong friendships.  While going through the motions of what it takes to be a vExpert; engaging with the community, sharing knowledge, presenting and evangelizing I have met a lot of people who truly inspire me and I'm lucky to be able to call a friend.  I've had the chance to form a great friendship with guys like Jason Langer and participate within the #vDB (These are some of the greatest guys I know), and also follow the lead of fellow Canadian vExperts like Angelo Luciani and Eric Wright.  Speaking of those last two names – if anyone does community right it's got to be Angelo and Eric.  The dedication these guys have to the community is amazing – Eric, a dedicated blogger with a great insight on IT, always willing to stand up and share what he is thinking. And Angelo, who you can see the excitement in his eyes just to be amongst the community in the hang space at VMworld, truly cares about the community and brining people together. These are definitely two of the biggest supporters I have had over the years.  These friendships extend far beyond the VMware community and I hope will exist long after 'the next big thing' comes and disrupts the datacenter!

Anyways, I'm starting to get off topic now and I'm also beginning to sound like a 13 year old girl, so I'll stop name dropping now!  Congrats to all the new and returning vExperts and thanks to everyone for their support over the years.  A huge animal style thanks to John and Corey for organizing and 'herding the cats' again this year.  And the biggest thanks goes out to you, the community, for all the feedback and encouragement you have given me over the last year.   I'm thrilled to once again be named a vExpert!

Friday Shorts – VSAN, vExpert, Firmware and Hockey eh!

For just one night let's not be co-workers.  Let's be co-people.  – Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell) from Anchorman

Less than a week until the mystery VSAN announcement

VMware LogoThat's right!  Have you signed up for the March 6th VMware Now event titled VSAN special online event?  VMware is being pretty tight lipped about what could possible be announced at the event!  I guess we we all have to wait and see!  I wonder what it possible could be!  Anyways, enough sarcasm – just go sign up if you want to be part of the live shindigs!!!!!

vExpert Applications due!

vmware-vexpert-2013Speaking of March 6th, that's the same date as the deadline for the vExpert 2014 applications.  If you haven't already done so you can fill out the form here.  Already a vExpert?  Have a look at the new fast track form you can fill out to re-apply. Another change to the program this year is the application process will actually be open year-round, and the voting and acceptance processes will happen quarterly.  Therefore, if you miss the March 6th deadline you can actually be picked up in the next quarter – but still, I'd try and get it done ASAP.

HP to begin to charge for firmware updates?!?!?!

352px-HP_New_Logo_2D.svgWell, i guess not so much charge, but include the ability to download the newest firmware for HP's server line up within your warranty and care packs!  HP announced this 'not so much' welcomed change a few weeks back on their blog.  Judging by most of the comments I don't believe that a lot of people agree with decision, nor do they have much to say about the title of the post and ainitiative 'Customers For Life'.  Honestly I don't like it – sure a lot of times firmware brings new features and enhancements, and I understand that HP doesn't just want to give this away – but there's also those times when firmware simply fixes something that is broken or patches known bugs – which in my mind, shouldn't have to be covered under a warranty!

Gold x Two

Marie-Philip Poulin, Kim St-Pierre and  Charline LabonteI guess I wouldn't be Canadian if I didn't have at least one post per year talking about hockey eh?  Well, here's one for 2014!  First up a huge congrats goes out to both the mens and womens "Team Canada" for bringing home gold this year during the Olympics.  It's pretty amazing to watch how serious some countries take sports!  And hockey seems to be as important to Canada as beer and syrup.  Seeing bars open up at 6 am for the gold medal game is a great example of how much Canada loves hockey (and/or beer).  Either way, the mass panic that was set during the World Junior Championship in Russia this year which almost had Canada heading into a complete audit of player development from the ages of 4 and up can be silenced now as we see there is absolutely no problem with hockey and Canada at the time being.  

Veeam offering NFR lisenses of new Backup Management Suite to IT Pro’s!!!

veeamlogoThis isn't the first time that I've blogged about this and it's certainly not the first time Veeam has done this!  Once again with a kick off of the new Veeam Backup Management Suite if you are a vExpert, VCP, MCP, MCTS, or a MVP you can grab yourself a couple sockets worth of NFR licenses!  Veeam was one of if not the first company to offer free NFR licenses to the VMware community professionals and honestly I love these programs.  It helps us learn the product more, exploring what it can and cannot do without having to download trial after trial – and I'm sure it gets Veeam the exposure and attention they like to have from the blogosphere!

And speaking of what it can and can't do – check out the What's New document!  It seems that it can now do a whole lot more!

So if you qualify you might as well head over and fill out the form to get your lisenses.

vExpert – What it means to me!

vmw_logo_vmware-expertThere have been a ton of vExpert posts over the last few days since the announcement of the 2013 recipients so I’m just going to throw another one into the fire!  Once again I’m stoked to be nominated as a 2013 vExpert!  I find it amazing to look at my growth over the last three years and am proud of how far I’ve come, both professionally and personally and a big part of that is a direct result of this community.

So a big thank you to VMware, John Troyer, and the rest of the community team and most importantly the community itself.  I’ve always said that my main reason for starting this blog, doing those VMworld/VMUG presentations, evangelizing technology in general is not to gain titles like vExpert (although I’ll take it, it’s pretty sweet) it was to simply give back to the community that I’ve gained so much from.

More so than the title, it’s really the retweets, the comments, the thank you emails, the suggestions, the help and the feedback that I get from all of you that makes all of this worthwhile and self fulfilling.  Also big congrats to all of the new and returning vExperts!  There is a lot of them which is super awesome!  Honestly it’s a great group of people with a lot of brain power and its’ quite humbling to have my name listed next to some of them!  Big grats also going out to my fellow Toronto VMUGers Angelo Luciani and Eric Wright – well deserved on their parts!

So once again Thank You and cheers to another vYear!


So you wanna be a vExpert?

vmw_logo_vmware-expertIf you do, between now and April 15th is the time to do so…well, actually all of 2012 is the time to do so, but you have until the 15th to apply…

The ringleader himself Mr. John Mark Troyer has opened the floodgates in a blog post released last week stating that vExpert 2013 applications are now open.  If you feel that you qualify then I would most certainly apply.  Last year was my first year as a vExpert and honestly it’s a great experience!  Sure you get some licenses and some beta opportunities, you get a private forum with the rest of the awesome vExpert minds, but really, the best part of it all is receiving a little credit and appreciation for all that you have done throughout the year.  Honestly, I would do it with or without the vExpert program, but it’s certainly nice to have that title.

Again this year there are three different paths you can take (listed below).

Evangelist Path
The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, VMTN contributors, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people. Employees of VMware can also apply via the Evangelist path. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public or were in a language other than English.

Customer Path
The Customer Path is for leaders from VMware customer organizations. They have been internal champions in their organizations, or worked with VMware to build success stories, act as customer references, given public interviews, spoken at conferences, or were VMUG leaders. A VMware employee reference is recommended if your activities weren’t all in public.

VPN (VMware Partner Network) Path
The VPN Path is for employees of our partner companies who lead with passion and by example, who are committed to continuous learning through accreditations and certifications and to making their technical knowledge and expertise available to many. This can take shape of event participation, video, IP generation, as well as public speaking engagements. A VMware employee reference is required for VPN Path candidates.

So if you feel that you qualify in any sort of way be sure to get your application in.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take 😉  Application form is here!!!

Nakivo the latest to offer NFR lisenses to VMware professionals for FREE!!!

nakivo logoIf you are a VCP, vExpert, VCI or even a VMUG member you have no excuse to not try out Nakivo.  In a press release yesterday Nakivo announced that they are now handing out free 2 socket NFR lisenses of the latest version (2) of their flagship product Backup and Replication.

In addition to their day-to-day duties, VMware professionals run their home and work labs to try and learn new software, verify new concepts and ideas, and run pre-production tests. “We are pleased to provide VMware professionals with a fully-functional, yet a free data protection solution for their home and work labs allowing them to drive innovations in business and technology, enhance their IT infrastructure, and improve professional skills,” said Bruce Talley, CEO at NAKIVO.

IMO this is a good move by all companies.  vExperts, VCPs, and VCI’s are on the verge of the latest technologies and often throw these products into their homelabs to evaluate and try out, which normally results in some free marketing and exposure to the companies as blog posts and tweets go flying out about the products.

So, if you qualify and are looking for your lisenses, head on over here and sign up to grab yourself a couple of sockets worth.  I know I will!!!