For just one night let's not be co-workers.  Let's be co-people.  – Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell) from Anchorman

Less than a week until the mystery VSAN announcement

VMware LogoThat's right!  Have you signed up for the March 6th VMware Now event titled VSAN special online event?  VMware is being pretty tight lipped about what could possible be announced at the event!  I guess we we all have to wait and see!  I wonder what it possible could be!  Anyways, enough sarcasm – just go sign up if you want to be part of the live shindigs!!!!!

vExpert Applications due!

vmware-vexpert-2013Speaking of March 6th, that's the same date as the deadline for the vExpert 2014 applications.  If you haven't already done so you can fill out the form here.  Already a vExpert?  Have a look at the new fast track form you can fill out to re-apply. Another change to the program this year is the application process will actually be open year-round, and the voting and acceptance processes will happen quarterly.  Therefore, if you miss the March 6th deadline you can actually be picked up in the next quarter – but still, I'd try and get it done ASAP.

HP to begin to charge for firmware updates?!?!?!

352px-HP_New_Logo_2D.svgWell, i guess not so much charge, but include the ability to download the newest firmware for HP's server line up within your warranty and care packs!  HP announced this 'not so much' welcomed change a few weeks back on their blog.  Judging by most of the comments I don't believe that a lot of people agree with decision, nor do they have much to say about the title of the post and ainitiative 'Customers For Life'.  Honestly I don't like it – sure a lot of times firmware brings new features and enhancements, and I understand that HP doesn't just want to give this away – but there's also those times when firmware simply fixes something that is broken or patches known bugs – which in my mind, shouldn't have to be covered under a warranty!

Gold x Two

Marie-Philip Poulin, Kim St-Pierre and  Charline LabonteI guess I wouldn't be Canadian if I didn't have at least one post per year talking about hockey eh?  Well, here's one for 2014!  First up a huge congrats goes out to both the mens and womens "Team Canada" for bringing home gold this year during the Olympics.  It's pretty amazing to watch how serious some countries take sports!  And hockey seems to be as important to Canada as beer and syrup.  Seeing bars open up at 6 am for the gold medal game is a great example of how much Canada loves hockey (and/or beer).  Either way, the mass panic that was set during the World Junior Championship in Russia this year which almost had Canada heading into a complete audit of player development from the ages of 4 and up can be silenced now as we see there is absolutely no problem with hockey and Canada at the time being.