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Friday Shorts – Updates, Veeam, Fevers, and Apple CIDR

Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up – Robbie (Adam Sandler) from The Wedding Singer

Horizon DaaS now available directly from VMware

VMware LogoThe "Year of VDI" has yet to hit me and my day job.  There's always been lots of talk, but no walk – I have no excuse for this – just seems like it always takes the back burner in my list of priorities.  VMware seems to continue to aquire companies, hire resources and push their VDI initiatives so I have to believe that they know something I don't (maybe I'll be less busy this year).  Anyways, a recent announcement about Horizon DaaS being available now through vCHS is the latest in VMware's VDI arsenal.  Brian Madden has an excellent article about it on his site.  I'm interested to see how well adopted the cloud desktop is knowing that it hasn't made a huge impact inside of datacenters yet.  Only time will tell.

vSphere 5.5 Update 1 is here!

For all those who have implemented the "I don't upgrade until Update 1 is released" mindset get your bits downloaded because it is here.  For the rest of you, you can now find some new functionality inside of flagship hypervisor – you know, that little thing called VSAN.  VSAN support, which was once only available to a small subset of 12,000 beta testers is now baked into the update 1 release of ESXi.  The other benefit of 5.5 U1 comes in the form of cloud management.  The vCHS vSphere Web Client plug-in is now available within the Inventories section inside your web client – allowing you to view all of your dedicated and virtual private cloud instances from vCHS, from the comfort of your web client.

Pour yourself some CIDR and read this.

Chris Wahl has a great post on Wahl Network where he compares simple networking concepts to his professional career development.  Judging by the successes Chris has had, I would recommend listening to what he has to say on how you can move further in your carreer!!!

I got a fever and the only prescription is more Visio Stencils

feverVeeam has a nice collection of free Visio Stencils for both VMware and Hyper-V.  For those that fancy nice little diagrams and designs you should probably go and add these to your arsenal.  Also if you are running multi hypervisors, this gives you a nice consistent look and feel accross the diagrams that you are creating.  Thanks Veeam!

Around the world

veeam_logoSpeaking of Veeam, they have a pretty cool contest about to start!  In celebration of their 100,000th customer, yes, that's 6 digits Veeam is giving away a trip for 2 to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!.  How do you enter?  Simply head over to the link above and guess where you think that Veeams 100,000th customer will be located.  And hey, in general Veeam fashion they have a ton of cool prizes for the runner ups as well.  Google Glass, iPADs and Surface Pro's are a plenty.


Friday Shorts – Infinio Lab License, @VMPete iSCSI and #VFD3

This guy is either gonna think 'Hear's another kid with a fake ID' or 'Here's McLovin, a 25 year-old Hawaiin organ donor.'  –  Evan (Michael Cera) from Superbad

To Infinio and beyond – all the way to your lab!

infinio_logoIf you haven't heard of Infinio then you should definitely check them out.  They have a cool way of accelerating your NAS storage utilizing none other than your RAM.  And there is no better way to evaluate and figure out just how cool this tech is than to stick it in your lab and spin the tires; Infinio is allowing us to do just that.  With the release of Infinio Accelerator 1.2, along with adding support for ESXi 5.5 Infinio is offering up free fully functional lisences for use within home labs.  Simply fill out the survey to get yours – **Note – if you are worried about Infinio making any crazy changes to your environment have no fear – it's easily removed with the click of one button, which to me, insinuates total confidence in the product.

Converting in-guest iSCSI to VMDK.

virtuallangerPete Koehler has a great guest post over on Jason Langers blog dealing with the many ways to convert your in-guest iSCSI volumes over to native VMDK's.  He provides three different options for you to use; VMware Converter, rsync, and a neat little RDM/Storage vMotion trick.  This is definitely a handy little post to bookmark if you are planning to finally move away from in-guest iSCSI to take advantage of the benefits and glory that is native VMDK.

Virtualization Field Day 3

VFD3-Group-Photo-400If you aren't aware (Where have you been?), Stephen Foskett has kicked off the awesomeness that is VIrtualization Field Day.  We have already seen some great presentations from some cool tech like CloudPhysics, Pure Storage, Atlantis Computing, and Coho Data and there is more going on today!  If you aren't familiar with the "field day" events they are basically a venue where vendors have the opportunity to get in front of some smart and influential technologists to give their pitch in a very technical matter.  The technologists have the opportunity to sort through any FUD and get the deep details of how products work.  It's a super way to get the message out on a particular product and I trust the venue very much in my decision making in my day to day job.  Also, fellow Toronto VMUG Leader Eric Wright has been chosen as a delegate for VFD3 and I'm super excited to hear his take on everything.  Anyways, you most certainly should be watching.  You can check out the live stream here!

Friday Shorts – VSAN, vExpert, Firmware and Hockey eh!

For just one night let's not be co-workers.  Let's be co-people.  – Ron Burgandy (Will Ferrell) from Anchorman

Less than a week until the mystery VSAN announcement

VMware LogoThat's right!  Have you signed up for the March 6th VMware Now event titled VSAN special online event?  VMware is being pretty tight lipped about what could possible be announced at the event!  I guess we we all have to wait and see!  I wonder what it possible could be!  Anyways, enough sarcasm – just go sign up if you want to be part of the live shindigs!!!!!

vExpert Applications due!

vmware-vexpert-2013Speaking of March 6th, that's the same date as the deadline for the vExpert 2014 applications.  If you haven't already done so you can fill out the form here.  Already a vExpert?  Have a look at the new fast track form you can fill out to re-apply. Another change to the program this year is the application process will actually be open year-round, and the voting and acceptance processes will happen quarterly.  Therefore, if you miss the March 6th deadline you can actually be picked up in the next quarter – but still, I'd try and get it done ASAP.

HP to begin to charge for firmware updates?!?!?!

352px-HP_New_Logo_2D.svgWell, i guess not so much charge, but include the ability to download the newest firmware for HP's server line up within your warranty and care packs!  HP announced this 'not so much' welcomed change a few weeks back on their blog.  Judging by most of the comments I don't believe that a lot of people agree with decision, nor do they have much to say about the title of the post and ainitiative 'Customers For Life'.  Honestly I don't like it – sure a lot of times firmware brings new features and enhancements, and I understand that HP doesn't just want to give this away – but there's also those times when firmware simply fixes something that is broken or patches known bugs – which in my mind, shouldn't have to be covered under a warranty!

Gold x Two

Marie-Philip Poulin, Kim St-Pierre and  Charline LabonteI guess I wouldn't be Canadian if I didn't have at least one post per year talking about hockey eh?  Well, here's one for 2014!  First up a huge congrats goes out to both the mens and womens "Team Canada" for bringing home gold this year during the Olympics.  It's pretty amazing to watch how serious some countries take sports!  And hockey seems to be as important to Canada as beer and syrup.  Seeing bars open up at 6 am for the gold medal game is a great example of how much Canada loves hockey (and/or beer).  Either way, the mass panic that was set during the World Junior Championship in Russia this year which almost had Canada heading into a complete audit of player development from the ages of 4 and up can be silenced now as we see there is absolutely no problem with hockey and Canada at the time being.  

Friday Shorts – Log Insight, @vNoob’s tail, ViPR, Best Practices

Tigers love pepper.  They hate cinnamon.  – Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) from The Hangover

It's been a while since the last Friday Shorts – no excuses – I've been slacking ūüôā  Whatever – here it is!

Log Insight jumps on the free fundamentals training bandwagon

VMW-BXSHT-vCNTR-LOG-INSIGHT_eStoreI'm certainly a huge fan of the 'fundamental' self-paced training that VMware has been offering for free.  In fact, if you go and have a look at the Top Free Courses on mylearn you will see that the fundamental series occupies the complete top 10.  Well, another on you can now add to that list is VMware Log Insight Fundamentals.  This course will give you a great introduction and overview as to what VMware Log Insight is as well as go through some installation, configuration and analysis.  Certainly a great way to get introduced to the product – oh, and for free!

vNoob Guide to Getting Tail

tailI tried to think of a catchy title here but I couldn't think of anything Conrad hasn't already said in his latest post vNoob Guide to Getting Tail.  Now I have no idea how well Conrad does with the ladies, but he certainly gives a great overview on how to use the 'tail' command, not only in Linux but in Powershell as well!!   This is most certainly not your average man page so get ready to be amused by some of Conrad's wittiness!!!  Good job!

Best Practices are only best practices until they are not!

reevaluateHere's a great example on the vSphere Blog on why you always need to re-evaluate any settings or best practices you have implemented in the past.  The fact of the matter is, with every new release comes new best practices – and things that you think you might not need to revisit you do!  Things like your power savings settings in the BIOS no longer calling for High Performance but now being recommended to be set at 'OS Controlled'.

Feel like testing out EMC's ViPR in your lab?  Go ahead!

EMC-LogoEMC has opened the flood gates for anyone to go and grab ViPR for use in a non-production environment.  That's right, if you feel like testing out EMC's take on software defined storage just head on over here, grab a copy and take it for a test drive.  I've often blogged about other companies dishing out NFR licenses for their products and how I think it is a great idea – it gives people the chance to get these bits into their labs and test them out without all of the salesy webinars, conference calls, and pestering emails :).   No matter what the play of EMC is here, I intend to get my hands on this so stay tuned!

Friday Shorts – VCAP 2nd Chance, VMworld session downloads, VSAN and expectations

You have the voice of an angel.  Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus. – Dale Dobac  (John C. Reilly) from Stepbrothers

VCAP x 2

certifiedFind yourself teeter tottering on whether to write your VCP or VCAP exam but just not sure if you are quite ready? Worried about dropping the $$$, coming up short and leaving with nothing? Live in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan or Korea? If so VMware education has a nice promotion going on right now that will let you go write that first exam and if you don't pass the second attempt is on them. Hard not to take anyone up on that offer. Go ahead, get a feel for the test and if you fail…well, try again. Check out the promotion here and hurry!!! It all expires at the end of March. Oh, and while you are at it you might as well nab your VCA for free!

VMworld Sessions – get'em all!

download (1)As we gear up for VMworld EMEA the attendees of the US version of the show are aggressively going over all the online session content that they missed during the show due to networking, the solutions exchange, hangspace, shiny objects in hallways etc. In previous years I've done my fair share of streaming from the vmworld.com site until last year when I discovered this wicked awesome script. Well it looks like Damian Karlson and his team have updated the script for this years show. Damien has an article on his blog outlining all of the requirements so be sure to read that and get the script. I know I will be pulling down all of my commute entertainment soon

Networking for VMware Admins

Networking-PosterOk. Anything that Scott Lowe blogs about is definitely worth paying attention to. He's a crazy smart and crazy nice guy whom I have had the chance to meet a few times at VMworld and through my involvement with the Toronto VMUG. Well Scott's got a great series going on over on his blog right now titled introduction to networking. The best part about this series is that Scott is trying to put networking into the context of what a VMware admin would need to know. A cool take on a very complex technology. He's already on part 2 so be sure to bookmark his blog (like you don't already)

What's new in VSAN

newAs always another release of vSphere unleashes another flurry of white papers and technical documents outlining the features and benefits. And hey, VSAN is no exception in that flurry. Whats new in VSAN has now been added to that list! A whitepaper covering the requirements, installation, configuration and architectural details all focused on VSAN. When you have a few minutes id recommend checking it out. And speaking of VSAN, get in the beta!!!!

Managing expectations

expectations‚ÄčWe as IT pros have all been in a situation where we have to manage something called expectations. Whether they be from our customers, executives, managers, coworkers, employees our even ourselves, managing expectations can really be key to defining whether or not we are succeeding in whatever it is that we are doing. That's the thought that came to my mind after reading this article written by Paul Stewart titled "The Importance of setting expectations". A very quick read and something to think about! #winning

Friday Shorts – #C2OS, Goodbye Reader, Free #VMworld passes and more…

Surely you can't be serious.  I am serious…Don't call me Shirley. – Ted Striker(Robery Hays) and  Rumack(Leslie Nielsen) from Airplane – Classic!!!!


‚ÄčvbrownbagGuess what!?!  The #vBrownBag crew, specifically Cody Bunch are doing something wicked awesome!  SHOCKER!  They do this week in and week out and I certainly recommend checking it out.  Well it seems now we have a spin off off of the spin off sack lunches that have been dealing with OpenStack, this one called Couch to OpenStack!  If you have any interest in OpenStack at all I would certainly check these out – I'll be attending live when I can but hey, if you can't make it they record the whole thing.  Episode 1 is available here – Get IT!

No more Google Reader

googlereader1So depressed!  It's an interface I've used on a daily basis for quite some time now – and now, it's gone!  The fact that I knew it was coming didn't help!  Anyways, there goes my whole 'Sh!t I starred" section of my Friday Shorts now, since I'm not starring anything anymore.  I'll continue to throw interesting links I've read/found, just will have to come up with a new title ūüôā  RIP Google Reader!

Free VMworld passes!

vmw-web-vmworld13-KB-banner-160x160Great contest going on at VMware with the Hands on Labs team.  The contest – simply take a picture of yourself taking a hands on lab – in the most unique setting you can think of – now that's an easy contest to enter.  All the details are here!  I can't wait to see some of these pictures.  And who knows, you may win!  VMworld is epic and was a game changer for me back in 2011 when I attended for the first time!

RTs, Flips, +1s, Favorites, whatever…

  • Kenneth Hui has an absolutely awesome blog series kicking of titled OpenStack compute for vSphere Admins.  In part 1 he goes over the basic architecture of OpenStack and makes notes on how it works and doesn't work and where the integration points are within vSphere!  This is a must read and I look forward to more coming from Kenneth's blog!
  • In the lighter side of things the man from the ghetto William Lam has a pretty cool post about VMware's Acronyms.  We all know there are a lot of them and William goes over how to pronounce them – even the ever so controversial vCAC ūüôā
  • More contests – PHD Virtual has a nice little contest going on right now where you could win a 1 year license of their backup software, just for simply downloading the bits!  Get over there and check out what PHD Virtual has to offer!.

Friday Shorts – #Veeam SureReplica, #TOVMUG wagging, Au Revoir Les Habitants!

And now a 24th Stanley Cup banner will hang from the rafters of the famous¬†Forum in Montreal! The Canadiens win the Stanley Cup!. – CBC’s Bob Cole in the dying seconds of game 5 of the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals

Veeam v7 adds SureReplica

veeamlogoVeeam has announced another feature of their upcoming release of Backup and Replication v7. ¬†This time, applying the virtual lab and their SureBackup technology to your Veeam Replica’s – SureReplica. ¬† A lot of environments I have seen that use Veeam use it to backup locally and replicate to a DR site. ¬†So being able to put all of those dedicated resources in your DR site to work and spin up those replica’s inside isolated labs is a pretty awesome feature. ¬†Aside from simply ensuring the integrity of the replica there are many use cases for an isolated virtual lab. ¬†Think of things like patch management testing, application update testing, penetration testing, the list goes on and on! ¬†This was only the 7th feature unveiled of v7 and Veeam has a couple more to showcase before finally releasing the product sometime this year ūüôā ¬† Sign up if you interested in being on of the first to know the new features.

TOVMUG Represent!

TorontoVMUG1-300x79You can’t be involved in the virtualization community and not know about Mike Lavericks’ chinwags! ¬† If you don’t, certainly his latest one with Toronto VMUG Leader Angelo Luciani is a good one to start out with. ¬†They had a great conversation in regards to VMUGs and community participation. ¬†I’d¬†definitely¬†recommend checking it out!

Hey!  They were supposed to be 14th!

No surprise to anyone that follows me, or even reads the odd rant on this blog that I’m a huge Montreal Canadiens fan. ¬†Well last night was a hard one to swallow but the team I’ve watched rally to 2nd place in the East were eliminated from the playoffs. ¬†As much as I’d like to place blame on the refereeing, the 6 key injuries, the horrible icing calls, the fact of the matter is the Habs just weren’t good enough and Ottawa wanted it more. ¬†Also they ran into some pretty steller goaltending by Anderson and it’s hard to beat that. ¬† Either way its been nice to see that spark back into the Habs lineup, the one that used to be there when I was a kid. ¬†For once in the last 10 years it’s evident that the habs have a future ahead of them with some great young players. ¬†Au Revoir Les Habitants. ¬†Lever Le Flambeau!


Friday Shorts – Simplivity, Veeam and vOpenData

Too bad, she said she doesn’t want you here when she gets back because you’ve been ruining everybody’s lives and eating all our steak. – Napolean Dynamite

SimpliVity out of stealth

simplivityOne of my fellow #vDB¬†comrades¬†Gabriel Chapman ( blog / twitter ) has joined SimpliVity. ¬†I’ve not heard of SimpliVity before Gabe joined them but since have done a little reading on their product offering. ¬†In a nutshell they provide a simplified building block solution for your virtual environment, one that contains everything you need to get going (storage, compute, network) in a 2U format called the OmniCube which is built for a scale-out environment. ¬†The box looks pretty slick in the fact that it contains built in deduplication, replication, ha, etc… ¬†If you have some time I would¬†definitely¬†consider going and checking them out over on SimpliVity.com – also vExpert Chris Wahl has a great post on their product over on his blog. ¬†Congrats Gabe on the move – looks like a good one!

Veeam v7 to backup to tape!

veeamlogoTape is dead right – apparently not, Veeam has announced their support of adding an archive to tape option into version 7 of Backup and Replication. ¬†Now I’ve been long off tape, but I’m sure this is appealing to those that are not. ¬†Honestly it does make a good case for Veeam in the case that companies require retention for auditing. ¬†This is the 5th peek into what Veeam is bundling with v7, along with vCloud Director support, a new vSphere Web Client plug-in, Veeam Explorer for SharePoint and a virtual lab for Hyper-V. ¬†Be sure to sign up on their site to get notified of the v7 features as they announce them.

Have you seen/contributed to vOpenData?

vopendataAn interesting community project has been ramping up over the last couple of weeks called vOpenData. ¬†Basically Ben Thomas and William Lam have created a database that compiles data taken from YOUR virtual infrastructure, applies some¬†analytic s¬†in the¬†back end¬†and pops out a pretty sexy page showing a ton of statistics showing things like average vmdk size, average number of datastores per cluster, etc… ¬†If you have a few minutes check it out and if your up to it, contribute!

Friday Shorts – Stompin’ Tom Connors Eh

It was a long hard bumpy road, but this great country kept me inspired with it’s beauty, character, and spirit, driving me to keep marching on and devoted to sing about its people and places that make Canada the greatest country in the world. – A quote from a message Tom Connors left to his fans on¬†www.stompintom.com/

Stompin’ Tom Connors dies at 77

stomSomething that I’ve realized over my lifetime is that Canadians tend to hold their homegrown music very close to their hearts. ¬†I grew up w/ great Canadian bands like The Tragically Hip, I Mother Earth, Big Sugar, oh, there are so many more great Canadian bands that I’m missing. ¬†Bands that seemed to be somewhat unknown as soon as you step outside the confines of our country, yet while inside the borders, they are blockbusters, selling out shows and just about as famous as you can get. ¬†That’s why when I heard of the death of Stompin’ Tom Connors¬†Wednesday¬†night it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.

For those that don’t know of Stompin’ Toms music let me fill you in. ¬†A country and folk singer with a huge library (over 300 songs, almost 48 albums) ¬†focusing¬†solely on the people he met and things he has done while travelling¬†across¬†this great country of ours. ¬†Songs like Big Joe Mufferaw (a french Canadian logging legend), ¬†Sudbury Saturday Night (the mining industry in Sudbury), Bud the Spud (about hauling potatoes from Prince Edward Island to Toronto), Tillsonburg (about working in the tobacco fields of the town), and of course The Hockey Song (self explained) are just a¬†handful¬†of his most famous songs that you can still hear being played daily throughout arenas, bars, and wedding venues¬†across¬†Canada.

canada-stompin-tom-live-530There’s no other artist that I can think of that can even come close to exhuberating the patriotism, character and spirit that Tom Connors did. He made you excited about your country and truly proud to be a¬†Canadian¬† He’s certainly touched the lives of many by taking the everyday life of someone or something and translating that into words (sometimes¬†humorous¬† and slapping a guitar behind them. ¬†I can’t even begin to think about the number of shows he has performed, since he never discriminated – one night he’d be¬†in front¬†of 20 000 people, the next he’s playing at a bar with 10. ¬†I had the¬†privilege¬†of catching one of them and let me tell you there is nothing more thrilling than watching this man walk up on stage, thrown down his peice of plywood (his¬†stomping¬†board ūüôā ) and dazzle the¬†crowd¬†for an hour with his stories and songs. ¬†At the end of the night he’d have almost wore a hole through a piece of 3/4 inch board.

So a final goodbye to a man that has left his mark on our country, 300 songs that will continue the inspiration and patriotism just they did while he was here.  May you rest in peace, eh?

Friday Shorts – Virsto, Horizon Mail, Speaking In Tech, Topless @sakacc and more….

“I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ’cause you think you’re fat? ‘Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to.” – Napolean Dynamite

Yup I did it, I put a random quote there – It’s Friday right, laugh a little ūüôā

VMware to acquire Virsto

virstoVMware announced on Monday that they have signed an agreement to buy Virsto Software. ¬†After aquiring Nicera last year and gaining momentum into the Software Defined Networking world, they have now pulled in Virsto in efforts to push their Software Defined Storage initiatives. ¬†There’s a lot of Software Defined everything going on right now. ¬†I’m interested to see as to how VMware will pull Virsto into future releases of vSphere. ¬†If Nicera didn’t, this¬†acquisition¬†most certainly should, show that VMware’s vision of the datacenter goes far beyond simple server and desktop virtualization.

Zimbra client for Android now Horizon Mail

horizonmailiconFor all those Zimbra client Android users, your mail application is now called Horizon Mail. ¬†Also on Monday VMware has announced the availability of Horizon Mail on the Google Play store. ¬†IMO this is one of, if not the best mail client available for Android today. ¬†And guess what, you don’t have to connect to Zimbra Collaboration Suite to use it, it’s¬†compatible¬†with any Microsoft ActiveSync server (you know, those Exchange ones :)) ¬†If you are an Android user I would for sure check it out! ¬†Unless you are in Canada! ¬†Google Play is doing the infamous “not available in your country” ūüôĀ

Speaking in Tech goes Topless

speakingintechNot sure who the winner is on this one but the big bet between Greg Knieriemen and Chad Sakac has been decided and it appears that Greg is the big winner – I guess. ¬†The cast and crew from Speaking in Tech will be raffling off chances to win a spot in a Google hangout in which they will record a podcast live, with a topless Chad Sakac and some sort of mystery¬†tattoo¬† ¬†Either way, it’s all in good nature as proceeds will be going to the Wounded Warrior program so if topless geeks is your thing be sure to follow the SIT crew for more information (might as well subscribe to the podcast while you’re at it)…That’s really all I got to say about that ūüôā

More releases from VMware

VMware LogoIn another press release on Tuesday VMware announced a couple of new sku’s and products. ¬†The first being VMware vSphere with Operations Management. ¬†Nothing really new here, just bundling up some products together to help users get more bang for their buck. ¬†A pretty cool option for new customers as well as those who currently don’t have vCenter Operations. ¬†vCOPs is a very¬†helpful¬† intuitive application and a necessity for a virtual environment with plans to scale. ¬† The second release is a bit more interesting; VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced. ¬†This is the big brother of the product that was bundled into vSphere 5.1. ¬†Built on an EMC Avamar codebase, the advanced version of vSphere Data Protection adds the necessary backup features such as Application Awareness with support for MS SQL and Exchange Server. ¬†On top of that it can now scale up to 400 VMs per appliance and 8TB of deduped storage, whereas the ‘free’ version only supports 100 VMs and 2TB of storage.

Updates to PowerCLI

powerclilogoAlso if you missed it VMware has released another update to PowerCLI 5.1. ¬†This post here outlines most of the new functionality including support for Virtual Distributed Switches!! ¬†What! ¬†Yes, finally, the fling has been baked into the product and you can now perform all of those networking based Cmdlet’s from the comfort of your console ūüôā ¬†Also provided with this release is support for vCloud Director 5.1 and Powershell v3. ¬†Go get it!

Friday Shorts – SQL Server Editions and the NHL Unlocked

So it’s been a little while since I’ve put out a Friday Shorts – mainly because everything that I’ve been doing has been either so insignificant or requires a blog post all to itself, but without further ado, here’s my shorts…

Get the SQL Server Edition you are using

sqlserver_sql_server_2008_logoRan into a situation where I was a rebuilding an application for someone, this someone did not know whether initially they had deployed the application with the SQL Server Express edition that it came with, or installed a¬†separate¬†version locally on the machine. ¬†Well, a quick SQL Query like the following will solve that issue and let you know exactly what you are currently running…


SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’)

 OMG!  The Lockout is over!!!!

the-hockey-sweaterSo there is a book that I often read to my son before bed called “The Hockey Sweater”, a book that was often read to me as a child. ¬†The first line of this book is as follows; “The winters of my childhood were long, long seasons. We lived in three places – the school, the church and the skating rink – but our real life was on the skating rink.” ¬† ¬†This simple phrase could not be more true when it comes to my attitude towards hockey and the NHL. ¬†The recent¬†announcement¬†of the NHL lockout ending brought along thousands of tweets and blog articles of “die-hard” fans stating that they will be boycotting the NHL. ¬†They will not be attending games, with some people saying they will refuse to even view a game on TV. ¬†Well, I could jump on this bandwagon as well, but I know that deep down inside, even though the owners and the players have most certainly hurt the fans, I will still follow my team religiously through out this shortened season and I will get just as excited as I did when I was 14 watching Les Glorieux hoist their 24th Stanley Cup around the Montreal Forum. ¬† There is no way I could ever¬†boycott¬†that feeling, and IMO there are many many others that feel the same way and live by that same simple phrase from “The Hockey Sweater” ¬†I know there is at least one person anyways, whoever designed our Five dollar bill printed those same words on it ūüôā



P.S. – Get this Subban stuff sorted out!!!