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VCAP x 2

certifiedFind yourself teeter tottering on whether to write your VCP or VCAP exam but just not sure if you are quite ready? Worried about dropping the $$$, coming up short and leaving with nothing? Live in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan or Korea? If so VMware education has a nice promotion going on right now that will let you go write that first exam and if you don't pass the second attempt is on them. Hard not to take anyone up on that offer. Go ahead, get a feel for the test and if you fail…well, try again. Check out the promotion here and hurry!!! It all expires at the end of March. Oh, and while you are at it you might as well nab your VCA for free!

VMworld Sessions – get'em all!

download (1)As we gear up for VMworld EMEA the attendees of the US version of the show are aggressively going over all the online session content that they missed during the show due to networking, the solutions exchange, hangspace, shiny objects in hallways etc. In previous years I've done my fair share of streaming from the site until last year when I discovered this wicked awesome script. Well it looks like Damian Karlson and his team have updated the script for this years show. Damien has an article on his blog outlining all of the requirements so be sure to read that and get the script. I know I will be pulling down all of my commute entertainment soon

Networking for VMware Admins

Networking-PosterOk. Anything that Scott Lowe blogs about is definitely worth paying attention to. He's a crazy smart and crazy nice guy whom I have had the chance to meet a few times at VMworld and through my involvement with the Toronto VMUG. Well Scott's got a great series going on over on his blog right now titled introduction to networking. The best part about this series is that Scott is trying to put networking into the context of what a VMware admin would need to know. A cool take on a very complex technology. He's already on part 2 so be sure to bookmark his blog (like you don't already)

What's new in VSAN

newAs always another release of vSphere unleashes another flurry of white papers and technical documents outlining the features and benefits. And hey, VSAN is no exception in that flurry. Whats new in VSAN has now been added to that list! A whitepaper covering the requirements, installation, configuration and architectural details all focused on VSAN. When you have a few minutes id recommend checking it out. And speaking of VSAN, get in the beta!!!!

Managing expectations

expectationsWe as IT pros have all been in a situation where we have to manage something called expectations. Whether they be from our customers, executives, managers, coworkers, employees our even ourselves, managing expectations can really be key to defining whether or not we are succeeding in whatever it is that we are doing. That's the thought that came to my mind after reading this article written by Paul Stewart titled "The Importance of setting expectations". A very quick read and something to think about! #winning