This guy is either gonna think 'Hear's another kid with a fake ID' or 'Here's McLovin, a 25 year-old Hawaiin organ donor.'  –  Evan (Michael Cera) from Superbad

To Infinio and beyond – all the way to your lab!

infinio_logoIf you haven't heard of Infinio then you should definitely check them out.  They have a cool way of accelerating your NAS storage utilizing none other than your RAM.  And there is no better way to evaluate and figure out just how cool this tech is than to stick it in your lab and spin the tires; Infinio is allowing us to do just that.  With the release of Infinio Accelerator 1.2, along with adding support for ESXi 5.5 Infinio is offering up free fully functional lisences for use within home labs.  Simply fill out the survey to get yours – **Note – if you are worried about Infinio making any crazy changes to your environment have no fear – it's easily removed with the click of one button, which to me, insinuates total confidence in the product.

Converting in-guest iSCSI to VMDK.

virtuallangerPete Koehler has a great guest post over on Jason Langers blog dealing with the many ways to convert your in-guest iSCSI volumes over to native VMDK's.  He provides three different options for you to use; VMware Converter, rsync, and a neat little RDM/Storage vMotion trick.  This is definitely a handy little post to bookmark if you are planning to finally move away from in-guest iSCSI to take advantage of the benefits and glory that is native VMDK.

Virtualization Field Day 3

VFD3-Group-Photo-400If you aren't aware (Where have you been?), Stephen Foskett has kicked off the awesomeness that is VIrtualization Field Day.  We have already seen some great presentations from some cool tech like CloudPhysics, Pure Storage, Atlantis Computing, and Coho Data and there is more going on today!  If you aren't familiar with the "field day" events they are basically a venue where vendors have the opportunity to get in front of some smart and influential technologists to give their pitch in a very technical matter.  The technologists have the opportunity to sort through any FUD and get the deep details of how products work.  It's a super way to get the message out on a particular product and I trust the venue very much in my decision making in my day to day job.  Also, fellow Toronto VMUG Leader Eric Wright has been chosen as a delegate for VFD3 and I'm super excited to hear his take on everything.  Anyways, you most certainly should be watching.  You can check out the live stream here!