Tigers love pepper.  They hate cinnamon.  – Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) from The Hangover

It's been a while since the last Friday Shorts – no excuses – I've been slacking 🙂  Whatever – here it is!

Log Insight jumps on the free fundamentals training bandwagon

VMW-BXSHT-vCNTR-LOG-INSIGHT_eStoreI'm certainly a huge fan of the 'fundamental' self-paced training that VMware has been offering for free.  In fact, if you go and have a look at the Top Free Courses on mylearn you will see that the fundamental series occupies the complete top 10.  Well, another on you can now add to that list is VMware Log Insight Fundamentals.  This course will give you a great introduction and overview as to what VMware Log Insight is as well as go through some installation, configuration and analysis.  Certainly a great way to get introduced to the product – oh, and for free!

vNoob Guide to Getting Tail

tailI tried to think of a catchy title here but I couldn't think of anything Conrad hasn't already said in his latest post vNoob Guide to Getting Tail.  Now I have no idea how well Conrad does with the ladies, but he certainly gives a great overview on how to use the 'tail' command, not only in Linux but in Powershell as well!!   This is most certainly not your average man page so get ready to be amused by some of Conrad's wittiness!!!  Good job!

Best Practices are only best practices until they are not!

reevaluateHere's a great example on the vSphere Blog on why you always need to re-evaluate any settings or best practices you have implemented in the past.  The fact of the matter is, with every new release comes new best practices – and things that you think you might not need to revisit you do!  Things like your power savings settings in the BIOS no longer calling for High Performance but now being recommended to be set at 'OS Controlled'.

Feel like testing out EMC's ViPR in your lab?  Go ahead!

EMC-LogoEMC has opened the flood gates for anyone to go and grab ViPR for use in a non-production environment.  That's right, if you feel like testing out EMC's take on software defined storage just head on over here, grab a copy and take it for a test drive.  I've often blogged about other companies dishing out NFR licenses for their products and how I think it is a great idea – it gives people the chance to get these bits into their labs and test them out without all of the salesy webinars, conference calls, and pestering emails :).   No matter what the play of EMC is here, I intend to get my hands on this so stay tuned!