Surely you can't be serious.  I am serious…Don't call me Shirley. – Ted Striker(Robery Hays) and  Rumack(Leslie Nielsen) from Airplane – Classic!!!!


vbrownbagGuess what!?!  The #vBrownBag crew, specifically Cody Bunch are doing something wicked awesome!  SHOCKER!  They do this week in and week out and I certainly recommend checking it out.  Well it seems now we have a spin off off of the spin off sack lunches that have been dealing with OpenStack, this one called Couch to OpenStack!  If you have any interest in OpenStack at all I would certainly check these out – I'll be attending live when I can but hey, if you can't make it they record the whole thing.  Episode 1 is available here – Get IT!

No more Google Reader

googlereader1So depressed!  It's an interface I've used on a daily basis for quite some time now – and now, it's gone!  The fact that I knew it was coming didn't help!  Anyways, there goes my whole 'Sh!t I starred" section of my Friday Shorts now, since I'm not starring anything anymore.  I'll continue to throw interesting links I've read/found, just will have to come up with a new title 🙂  RIP Google Reader!

Free VMworld passes!

vmw-web-vmworld13-KB-banner-160x160Great contest going on at VMware with the Hands on Labs team.  The contest – simply take a picture of yourself taking a hands on lab – in the most unique setting you can think of – now that's an easy contest to enter.  All the details are here!  I can't wait to see some of these pictures.  And who knows, you may win!  VMworld is epic and was a game changer for me back in 2011 when I attended for the first time!

RTs, Flips, +1s, Favorites, whatever…

  • Kenneth Hui has an absolutely awesome blog series kicking of titled OpenStack compute for vSphere Admins.  In part 1 he goes over the basic architecture of OpenStack and makes notes on how it works and doesn't work and where the integration points are within vSphere!  This is a must read and I look forward to more coming from Kenneth's blog!
  • In the lighter side of things the man from the ghetto William Lam has a pretty cool post about VMware's Acronyms.  We all know there are a lot of them and William goes over how to pronounce them – even the ever so controversial vCAC 🙂
  • More contests – PHD Virtual has a nice little contest going on right now where you could win a 1 year license of their backup software, just for simply downloading the bits!  Get over there and check out what PHD Virtual has to offer!.