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Alright – by now we have installed Oracle Linux in Part 1 and prepped our installation with all of the Oracle Pre-Requisites in Part 2. It’s now time to actually get into the wonderful world of installing the Oracle Database Software. Go ahead and download a copy of the Oracle Database 12C Software for Linux and do whatever it takes to get that zip file on your server and, this is important, log into your server as the oracle user.

Remember way back in Part 1 where I was talking about installing a desktop environment on your Oracle Linux server – well this is where that will come in handy!  If you are trying to do this through ssh you will have to set up x11 forwarding and a whole whack of other things!  Honestly, just log into your console as the oracle user – this will work 100% of the time with no extra configuration 🙂  Go ahead and unzip the zip file containing the Oracle software. Once complete, enter into the newly created ‘database’ directory from the unzipped files and run the following command to start the installation.


This will fire up the installation wizard for Oracle Database 12C. Let’s move through each step as I configured it. Firstly, I didn’t provide an email and opted out to receive security updates.

On the second screen, I chose to simply ‘Install database software only’ – We will install our databases in Part 4 of this series – for these purposes, let’s just get the instance up and running.

For the type of database installation, select Single instant database installation. Being new to Oracle there is no way I’m going to touch RAC at this point 🙂

As far as database editions, well, let’s go with Enterprise because, well, enterprise!  You can compare the two versions here if you wish.

Next, we will give Oracle some information around the path we would like to install it to – if we have exported our environment variables correctly in Part 3, they should automatically be populated and we should be good to accept defaults here.

Again, our Inventory path locations should be automatically populated through our environment variables we set up in Part 3 – keep going!

Well this is just getting to be too easy isn’t it 🙂 Go ahead and leave the defaults on the OS groups page as well (providing they look the same what is shown below). These groups should have been created when installing the prerequisites.

As far as the rest of the wizard goes it’s a whole lot of prerequisite checks and “hurrying up and waiting”. Click through till you get the install button and go for it!

You may have time to make a coffee but you probably won’t be able to finish it!  We still have to run a couple other scripts in order for the installation to be complete. When prompted with that shown below, drop to an ssh/terminal session and login or su to root and run the scripts presented.

And with that, you have just installed and configured an instance of Oracle Database 12C – thrilling! Stay tuned for Part 4 where we will finally get around to do something useful, creating some databases on this Oracle instance!  Thanks for reading!

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