Altaro VM Backup and Altaro VM Backup for MSPs are affordable, high performance backup solutions, developed with small and mid-market businesses in mind.

It’s a streamlined, no-hassle solution that is easy to implement, with many features and outstanding support.

Most can’t afford to dawdle for 90 minutes for backups, so set up your first backup in under 15 minutes with VM Backup – the user-friendly software lets you quickly configure and automate many aspects of the process.

Cloud Management Console

Altaro’s ground-breaking Cloud Management Console is a web-based tool for Altaro VM Backup, that allows IT departments, end users, Resellers and MSPs, complete real-time control over your backup/restore jobs.

  • Centrally monitor & manage all your Altaro VM Backup installations, offsite copies, disconnected Installations, failed backups and more.
  • Manage your Backups/Restores
    Start backups and restore VMs, as well as configure backup locations, off-site locations and encryption Keys – all from the CMC portal
  • Access portal from anywhere:
    No need for a VPN or to be on-site, or any software other than a web browser
  • Setup backup settings templates:
    Set custom schedules, retention policies and settings for a number of VMs, across different Hosts or customers, in one click.
  • Reports and alerts
    Daily email backup / OC / Verification reports, view error messages from the portal and observe VM backup, offsite copying or restoration progress.
  • Push upgrades, backup configurations and license keys to multiple Altaro VM Backup installations quickly
  • Saved searches: Easily create searches to monitor spikes, stale backups and offline agents

With over 30,000 customers Altaro VM Backup can’t be wrong, but to eliminate any doubts, you can try it free of charge, for 30 days with unlimited VMs.

After that, pricing is straightforward: You pay per host – not per socket or CPU, making Altaro VM Backup an easy fit for tight budgets. Included with your one-time purchase of Altaro VM Backup you also get a full year of premium support and upgrades.

Free Editions for Hyper-V and VMware

Setting up a solid backup strategy in a virtual environment is tricky but Altaro VM Backup makes it easy, ensuring that live VM backups are taken with zero downtime.

If you have a small environment you can run the Altaro VM Backup – free VMware backup edition on unlimited hosts, protecting up to 2 VMs for each. It’s free forever. You can also find the free hyper-v edition here.

Offsite and Cloud Backup

No need to worry about the physical safety of your backed up data. Altaro VM Backup lets you take backups to Azure Cloud.

Altaro VM Backup is optimized for speed. Thanks to Augmented Inline Deduplication you can save on disk space and replicate backups to the safety of the cloud or to Altaro Offsite server. Benefiting from Altaro’s advanced deduplication and compression techniques to make the most of your cloud storage space. Altaro’s leading inline deduplication technology drastically reduces storage requirements and speeds up data transfer, customers on average save up to 63% in backup storage!