Thank-youSo the votes have been counted, tallied, and posted over on Eric Sieberts vSphere-Land and the results are in.  And this blog, to my surprise has ended up in the top 50, coming in at #39 overall!  Honestly, a huge thank you goes out to all that have voted.   Coming into this I never expected to rank anything close to that, last year I was at #125. Not once did I think I would move up 86 spots!!!!

Now being in the top 50 wasn’t really my goal when I started this blog but hey, I’ll take it!  I’m just happy that the community is finding some usefulness in some of the content that I’m writing.  I’ve certainly consumed my fair share of information over the years so I’m thrilled to simply just give back.  It’s truly an honor to share the same stage with all of the great virtualization bloggers out there.  A big thanks goes out to Eric Siebert as well, not only for taking the endless hours to compile the voting survey, the lists of bloggers, feeds, twitter IDs and whatnot, but for also giving me a little push to start this blog ( I attended a vMeetup at VMworld 2011 w/ Eric and John Troyer where I got some great info on how to start a virtualization blog).

So with that I’ll just end this post with again another Thank You to my readers!  Please continue to leave all the comments and feedback you want, as it helps me to improve on both my knowledge and my writing.  #39 is certainly a great achievement for myself, but the fact that my ramblings and solutions are helping some of you solve your issues is the real payback for me!  Plus, I’m glad some of you enjoy because I’m not stopping 🙂