4 thoughts on “Unitrends Enterprise Backup – In the lab!!!

  1. I’ve recently bought Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB), and have had horrible experiences with it. VM’s will restore if done before the synthesis process, but wait a week and try it again. Once the backups synthesise you have a good chance of a blue-screening VM when restored. Instant recovery has never worked, and the SQL agent has yet to find my databases. I’ve been working with Tech Support for almost 3 weeks, with no resolutions at all. Their sense of urgency has been very poor. (Luckily I had a VM development SQL server nearly ready for production. So I had to give up on my ‘backed up’ SQL VM, and go with the dev server, and had to rebuild the lost data. My setup is very small with only 2 hosts and 9 VM’s, and was setup by a VAR with standard configs. I’m going to try Appassure.

    1. Rob – We’ve just spotted your comment, so please accept our apologies not only for the issues you’ve experienced with UEB, but also for this delayed response. We believe that your issues have been resolved, but if things are still not meeting your expectations, please let us know so that we can rectify the situation. Thank you for choosing Unitrends and for your candid feedback.

  2. I am trying to upgrade from Virtual Backup 6.5 but can’t find any documentation and tech support has been useless so far. How do you migrate to Enterprise Backup? How do you migrate all the jobs from the old system?

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