No support for BIDS development in Visual Studio 2010

Ahh Man!  I ended up rebuilding one of my work machines this week and during the process I thought I would be smart and maybe upgrade my Visual Studio from 2008 to 2010.  Now I do a lot of SQL report designing with SSRS and at times heavily access the BIDS functionality within VS2008.  Well guess what?  In VS2010 there is no support for SSRS projects!  WTF!  Every time I turn around Microsoft has a new and crazy problem they are throwing at me!  Official message from there ‘Introducing Business Intelligence Development Studio‘ page (pictured above)  basically says the solution is to run both of them along side each other!  Wow, great solution, you know, since the applications are soooo small <sarcasm>.  #FAIL

AJAX Toolkit Combo Box and Firefox

So another AJAX .net issue that I’ve ran into.  When utilizing the ajax toolkit with .net, more specifically the combo box control, and even more specifically the autosuggest / auto complete functionality  for some reason it will not accept any keyboard input from Firefox.  I.E. and Chrome seem to work fine.  The fix; Simply make sure that your maxlength attribute is set to a number greater than 0.  After doing that, Firefox should work fine.

Gretzky says they will get a deal done

If the great one says get a deal done you better get a deal done.  During an interview on Monday about nothing to with hockey the topic quickly changed to hockey and the NHL lockout.  The all time leading point getter said he was very optimistic that the NHL and the NHLPA will have a deal done before the Winter Classic this year, meaning we should all be watching hockey before Jan 1.  Wayne, you’ve been right a lot of times and I sure hope you are right about this one too!  #GOHABSGO