21 thoughts on “AppAssure 5 – A review!

  1. Replay 5 is a night and day improvement over 4.  There are way fewer exceptions which require maintenance. 

  2. Is Dell offering 7x24x365 support? US based support? For me it’s a tossup between this and Backup Exec V-Ray

  3. Have you tested a restore from MSSQL 2012 with Appassure V5 . ? Got issue with version Appassure v4 and MSSQL2012. I hope to test it soon in my lab.

  4. Has anyone tried it on Windows 2012 Server? Its not listed on supported OS yet, but as the writer did menion Windows Server 2012, I just want to know if it works or not.

  5. Their post sales technical support sucks! Bought license and changed the in the core but still shows trial and will be expired in 72 hours. Called their support line, and get someone online and told me it is not supported by tech support. It belongs to licensing department and ask me to call back and select option for licensing (actually, there is no such option, call yourself at 866-459-6653). But I insist I have other issues like one of my server went down for over 12 hours but no alert or log shown in the event. He has no other and he has no way to check the status or my core, or see my log. So he ask me to email him the recovery log and recovery installation log which I did. And he emailed me back said it was escalated to level two technical support, and someone will call me ASAP. It never happened, so after 24 hours he said it was escalated, I called again. One of their tech support said: it was escalated and someone will call me. I said it never happened and it is going to expire in 12 hours now. Then she put me on hold for 10 min and come back to said she left notes to L2 support and someone will call me. When I ask, will someone call me before 5, she said no time frame. Then I ask to speak to a manager, and still holding now… over 5 min… will keep you posted!….

    1. I have tried both v4 and v5 – and Kevin Lu is correct. There is absolutely no post sales support. The product is not predictable, backups can be faulty. I literally have to review all companies backups dailt to confirm they occurred. And when troubleshooting, not one person at technical support seem to have a clue what their custom error logs mean, although they were kind enough to send me a list of what errors I could see….seemed pointless since neither their support nor I could decipher what they meant.

      I have had whole repositories of data vicariously disappear….of client data! and no explanation, no support, no call backs for days! At this point, I have spent literally hundreds of hours troubleshooting and figuring out the Dell Appassure product. I would not recommend this as a backup solution for any service provider.

      1. Im sensing a pattern when it comes to support. I just used an nfr and never had any real issues, but never ran in full prod either. Thanks for the comment. Always good to have the real world experiences, be it good or bad. I hope you got things worked out

  6. Another 10 mins waiting, and she came back told me the manager is not available…. so I ask if I can get the manager’s name, phone number or email address…. and I am on waiting again…….

  7. Just hang up the phone, it was a two hours calls. Finally, one of their manager answered my call and transfer to their L2 support, and solved my problem. At least I can have a peaceful weekend without worrying my SAP production server.

  8. I agree with Kevin Lu. Their tech support response time seems to be pretty bad. They don’t get that when your production systems go down that you NEED A CALL BACK. Been down all morning and still waiting on Dell to return a call.

  9. I’ve had Appassure for a few years now. Prior to them being bought up by Dell, their great support was the reason we decided to go full blown Appassure. Now that Dell has acquired them I wait 2 weeks for a call back once my ticket has been escalated to “Tier 2”. My current issue I waited 3 weeks, and then got an email back which did me no good to fix the issue (which 5 weeks later still isn’t working and I still have not received a call back from them). Their virtual standby option has issues and I cannot get anyone to help me with it. Their technical support SUCKS!!! I’m with whoever said it below, should of bought Veeam!

  10. Support has added 50 plus people to address the extreme growth that Dell/AppAssure has had in the past few months. They are averaging less than a day at this point for support responses and continuing to make it even less time. AppAssure is a Great solution to have in place… and now that the support is beefed up getting resolutions to any challenges has been addressed … It will continue to be monitored.

  11. I have had Appassure 5 up and running with 25 clients and a replication
    core for a year now. I personally spend 10-20 hours a month babysitting
    the software. Fixing hiccups and re-creating corrupted repositories etc.

    Support is a horrid mess full of low-knowledge reps. If you get a
    level 1 or 2 tech, you will spend several hours to days going around in
    circles trying to fix your issue. If you can manage to get a senior
    engineer, your issue will be fixed within an hour or so.

    Appassure 5 has GREAT potential. However, it is poorly executed and supported. I still feel like the software is in beta.

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