7 thoughts on “Practise makes perfect! More PowerCLI APC Powerchute Network Shutdown Goodness (Now with Power On!)

  1. This is amazing! Thanks for putting this together. This is the exact problem we are having after upgrading to vSphere 5, we have to use the network shutdown tool. Will this script run with normal powershell, or is there something I have to do special to get the network shutdown software to call it and run it?

  2. Hey Remco – send me an email at mwpreston [at] mwpreston dot net – i’ll give you the updated script – it’s quite simple 🙂

  3. Thank’s, great script,

    i will test it on our Cluster, but i would like to ask you if there is the possibility to exclude some vm’s from the primary shutdown proces (DC and DB server) and do that servers last in a particular order?

  4. Hi great blog!
    we are just started in virtualization and also having similar challenge. would this script require Powerchute Network Shutdown, or can it be run as well with typical APC UPS w/o UPS network Mgt card?

    APC release script but requires UPS network mgt card for HA enabled.

    thanks you for sharing.

    1. You shouldn’t have any issues with it, just may need to call powershell from a cmd or bat file.  I think most the APC have a ‘Run this command before shutdown’ or something along those lines!

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