I use vRO pretty religiously within my day job – however, I find that when in the lab I don’t really spawn up that wonderful Java client that much (<- there is sarcasm if you can’t detect it).  Anyways, it seems every time I go to use vRO in the lab I can never remember that configuration password which I have set – and every password I type in seems to get rejected until finally  I’m left with the dreaded message you see below…

Login failed: User/password mismatch or account temporarily blocked after too many unsuccessful attempts

I know I should probably standardize on a password for the lab or throw them into LastPass or something but either way I’m always forced to googling how to get that default account of ‘vmware’ unlocked.  Thankfully it’s an easy process and well documented, but in efforts of easing up on my Googling I thought I’d throw it up here as well.

The process is simple – we just need to edit the passwd.properites file that lives within the /ect/vco/configuration/ directory.  Honestly, back that file up first – that’s always good practice!

We will probably only see one line in the file, a line that starts with ‘vmware=’ and then contains a bunch of hashed garbly gook of numbers and letters.  Simply delete this line and replace it with the following…


Go ahead, save that file again and restart the vRO services – for those wondering what they may be it’s a simple

/etc/init.d/vco-server restart
/etc/init.d/vco-configurator restart

Now wait – and I mean not just a few seconds but give this box a good 5-10 minutes to drop those services and get them started again!  I know the console will come back and say the services have started but trust me, they take a little while to get going!

Once you’ve waited go ahead and log back into your vRO configuration page (https://ip_of_vRO:8283/) with the following credentials

Username: vmware

Password: vmware

You should be prompted to change the password right away.  Now if you are like me, go ahead and set the new password to something obscure and forget about it so you can do this all over again!  But, don’t be like me – set this password and remember it!  If you happen to forget, follow this process again to reset it back to the default user/pass.  Thanks for reading!