January Wrap-up

Ah – the Canadian January…  Through the eyes of a child you see picturesque winter scenes – children playing hockey on a frozen pond that extends for miles, warming up to bonfires drinking hot chocolate and eating chilli, sleigh riding the afternoon away before coming inside to warm up and sit down and watch Hockey Night in Canada till you fall asleep – it’s magical really!  Through the adults eyes though we see snow storm upon snow storm, then on top of that add a few inches of freezing rain – tree branches breaking, snow blowers running, freezing temperatures, car problems and car accidents!  It sucks!

So this year my family and I decided to escape it all – that’s why you didn’t see much action here on mwpreston.net – instead of making snow angels we headed south to Costa Rica for 10 great days of renting a car and exploring all we could – although we found our buts mostly parked at the beach, more specifically a magical place called Playa Negra where we partook in some local beers and watched the sun go down, every – single – night!  It was a great time to recharge with some really nice sunsets, even if the kids were there with us 🙂  Coming how to a 60C difference in temperature was quite a shock!

The picture above really doesn’t do it justice, but you can imagine why it would have been a slow month on the writing front – That said I have managed to get started on a venture with the good folks over at SolarWinds and will be completing a 5 part DR series on their GeekSpeak blog – you can find the first post, Defining your Disaster here

And for mwpreston.net, as always, January posts are displayed below…

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