1 thought on “What’s in a name? – The importance of naming conventions

  1. Naming conventions need to capture what humans will need to interpret at a glance. Destination type and tiers? Check. Location and cluster? Check. LUNs? Probably not. Array manuf and protocols? Doubtful. RAID and Disk type? What you care about should be captured in the tiers. Of course, that’s my view – take a look at the last 50 issues you’ve had with datastores and see what information you required quickly. The things you leave out can be looked up by a human when needed, which will be infrequently, and the computer can do it automagically when required.

    The other thing to remember about naming schemes is that they’re living. You can’t write them in stone and leave them that way forever. 15 chars sounds tight? We ran into some devices that top out at 11. Which we didn’t figure out until after we standardized our scheme. Prepare for such things and be ready to adjust rapidly. Document the standard and all the exceptions, and continue to do so over the lifetime of the scheme’s use.

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