top-vblog-2014-2-crop-300x180If you haven't heard Eric Siebert (blog/twitter) has opened up his annual top VMware and virtualization blog voting over at once again.  If you are an avid reader of this or any other virtualization blogs then might I ask that you head over there and cast a vote for your favorite 10 VMware blogs.  Blogging is most certainly not a full time job nor is it a means of retiring anytime soon – It's really something we do simply because we have a passion for sharing information and solutions with the greater VMware community in hopes we can help solve a problem or help people to better understand certain technologies.  Think about the number of times you have googled something and got the solution from one of the blogs listed on the vLaunchPad.  Its a daily occurrence for me!  So give your favorite blogger some props and throw him/her a vote!

Last year mwpreston dot net jumped 86 places, moving from #125 to #39.  A truly humbling feeling to crack the top 50 when the results came out.  I am not striving to be number 1 – Duncan's got that locked down 🙂  However having been listed in the top 50, be it just a number, is pretty awesome in my books.  That said, I'd do the same thing whether I was voted #6 or #600.

So with all that I'm not asking for your vote directly, I won't never do that (unless it was inside brackets, go do that!), I'm instead asking that if there are any blogs you love that stand out head on over and give them a vote.  And hey, need some incentive – Eric, along with Veeam have also sponsored a slew of prizes and giveaways this year well.  So head over, rock the vote, and hopefully win yourself a tablet or some headphones!!!

Need some help, here are some blogs that I've paid close attention to this year, in no specific order.

Also, the blogs of my #vDB brethren – these are always a good feed to have.

Also a huge thanks goes out to Eric who I know puts countless hours into organizing and getting the results together.  Thanks so much for reading this year and don't forget to vote!