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Automate All The Things

vbrownbagHave you heard?  The #vBrownBag crew have queued up quite the automation track for their podcast – one that at the moment is running straight into December.  So – if you have any interest in learning more from some really really ridiculously smart people and industry experts in topics revolving around PowerCLI, vCenter Orchestrator, or vCloud Automation Center I highly recommend you check out the Automate All The Things podcasts by the #vBrownBag crew!

More Ghetto Goodness

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 1.25.02 PMYup you're right!  I'm talking about Mr William Lam's site VirtuallyGhetto!  I don't know if everyone has already seen this but he has a wicked awesome post about how to generate a pre-authenticated HTML5 console for your VMs!  Pretty awesome stuff that could certainly fulfill some cool use cases in my environments.  Be sure to follow this blog religiously as William is always knocking posts out of the park with awesome content!


20131002170052-vPodcasting​Let's face it!  Cancer has probably affected most of us in some way or another at one point in our lives.  With recent news of the way it has affected Gabe Chapman (a fellow #vDB, super awesome community member, and all round awesome guy), Trever Pott has teamed up with a few other community members and started up #vPodcasting – an effort to try and raise awareness and money to donate to the American Cancer Society in exchange from some knowledge dropping podcasts!  So, if you have a few dollars to spare head over and donate.  They have already raised over $10,000 – over double their initial goal so kudos to Trevor and everyone who has helped out!  It's amazing to see a tech community come together like they have for this!

vSphere 5.5 Performance

VMware LogoThe ever so popular VMware Performance Best Practice whitepaper is back – this time dealing wtih vSphere 5.5!  This whitepaper is very very thorough and contains best practices for most all of the components of the vSphere stack.  Also there is some information about some of the new features too such as vSphere Flash Read Cache and the new latency sensitive application settings!  Highly recommend this to anyone.