2 thoughts on “Upgrading vCenter Operations 5.x to 5.6

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the great post! I assume you’ve already upgraded to vCenter Server 5.1 before deploying vCenter Operations 5.6? In case you’re still on a pre-5.1 version of vCenter Server, you’ll find that the new VC Ops 5.6 license key may not work. This is because vCenter Server 5.1 implements the new suite license mechanism that is used for both the new vCloud and vCenter Operations Suites.

    If you are not ready yet to upgrade to vCenter Server 5.1 and want to use VC Ops 5.6 with your current environment (4.x or 5.0), we’re providing a license key directly with the VC Ops 5.6 download that is compatible with older versions of vCenter Server. When you’re ready to upgrade to vCenter Server 5.1, you can switch back to the new key.

    vCenter Operations Manager Foundation is not affected by this as it does not require a license key.

    Hope this helps.


    Martin Klaus

    VMware vCenter Operations Team

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