As you may remember roughly 4 months ago AppAssure, the makers of the application-aware backup software were acquired by Dell.  Just recently Dell AppAssure has made available the first release, version 5, since that acquisition.

Dell AppAssure 5 has been built from the ground up and allows you to protect both virtual and physical applications utilizing the same interface.  It offers both backup and replication allowing you to take a maximum of 288 incremental snapshot replications a day.  Wow, 288, that's got to be pushing the near zero RTO that people are looking to have.

Now what really makes AppAssure stick out for me is the fact that they cover not only virtual, but physical applications as well.  The ability to get this consistency across your backup products in addition to having either physical, virtual or cloud backups targets really seams appealing.   Expect a full review of the software here soon but for now have a look at the key features of the release below, as well as you can check it out for yourself over at and get a free trial.

  1. Live Recovery provides near-zero recovery time (RTO), and enables you to get servers (VMs or physical) restored and running in minutes.
  2. Recovery Assure provides automated recovery verification and testing to ensure that your backups are recoverable.
  3. Universal Recovery allows you to restore cross-platform to any VM or even dissimilar hardware.
  4. New TrueScale architecture is an innovative and breakthrough technology that allows you to scale seamlessly to Exabytes
  5. New True Global Deduplication provides advanced block-level, inline deduplication and compression across all your distributed backup images, resulting in up to 80% storage reduction.