60 thoughts on “Expanding a Linux disk with gparted (and getting swap out of the way)

  1. Thanks. Very helpful.

    I just wanted to add you can safely ignore the warnings from gparted related to moving the extended and swap space.

  2. Thanks! Well written, very helpful. The only thing that made me nervous was the warning message from GParted, but Chuck mentioned we can ignore it. Maybe add that small bit into the article.

  3. You just saved me a TON of time and heartache. One note for my case: when booting from an Ubuntu ISO image rather than a gparted-specific image, my extended & linux-swap partitions were locked. I had to right-click linux-swap and select “Unswap” from the menu. Then worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  4. gparted reported success when I expanded a partition on my fedora 17 box (running under vmware on a win7-64 machine). However, df still reports the smaller size, as does the graphical disk usage analyzer utility. Is there a final step I need to perform?

  5. nice tutorial! It might be worth to mention that the swap space sometimes needs to be turned off in GParted (“Swappoff”) before it can be moved, if it is used by some live CD image or so…

    1. honestly I forget this stuff all the time – that’s why I blog about it – I’ve went back to this post so many times

  6. working fine.did not lose any data.nice toturials.also will be better input some tags for user that search how to extend(encrease) ext2,3,4 partition on their Android phone sd cards,when found 2nd partition previously greated was not enough…

  7. Thanks!
    I have this to do in my VMware with Linux and now all is gut!! , I had before any Time to fight about space , Now i have many space to work , very thanks!

  8. great tutorial. I had the exat same partition names as you. What I did end up with 2MB before and 1MB after the swap partition. Yes, I am sure I properly dragged until 0MB in the guide.

    Anyways not a biggie, but why was that? If I expand to the left, I will get 3MB on the right, and vice versa.

  9. Fantastic, just what I needed and found this by googling for “ubuntu can’t resize partition as swap is in the way” which I wasn’t expecting to find much 😀

  10. Thanks a lot, mwpreston! Your tutorial worked OK; sorry, my English is limited, but my thanks are infinite… have a nice day! 🙂

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