Open the floodgates and let the masses through.  Today, after being alerted by the twitterverse I noticed that version 6 of Veeams' flagship product Backup and Replication was available for download. (well, for those lucky enough to fight off the traffic and get it)! This long awaited release is exciting for me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, i get to see all of those new features that have been promoted for the last few months through their featured webinars and Anton's' Whats New' document (you can find a summary of my favorites here). And secondly, we now have the support for VMwares' vSphere 5 meaning i have a slew of upgrades to perform over the next little while. (Veeam, vSphere, vCenter, View, Powercli, VMA). Needless to say it is all work that i enjoy doing so it should be a fun xmas for me! That doesn't sound too much like a stereotypical geek does it?

So, off to the races!  Head on over to the downloads section of and get your copy. I'm sure there will be some sort of spectacular launch message soon to follow :), not to mention blog posts of all of the community members upgrade experiences.