VCP 5 Practice Exam – All Sections

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24 thoughts on “VCP 5 Practice Exam – All Sections

  1. Question 37: I believe the three port binding options in vSphere 5 are static, dynamic and ephemeral. That would make automatic the no longer available option would it now?

    1. Thanks so much, hope you had luck with your exam…. There’s a lot of material to go over… Experience helps a lot!

      1. I want to appear for 5.5 certification. Are there any more dumps that could be referred that would help in the exam?

  2. Really helpful prep material, exam today so fingers crossed. Thanks for putting your efforts out there, appreciated.

  3. I am taking my exam TOMORROW! This review was great, I loved how it showed you the score the whole time so you could see your progress! 

    Thank you!!

  4. These resources are ripper Mike. Love the PDF of the guide. Whilst it doesn’t go really deep it shows you where you need to focus and work on. I’m using the resources here, the Brian Atkinson study guide, the official doco and Simon Long’s site (I reckon these materials should have it covered- only prob is I do not use 5 very often apart from my lab but confidence is everything) and I sit the exam this coming Tuesday.

  5. Well I sat and failed today with a score of 280. I changed some answers at the end and this cost me as I’ve researched them this afternoon and my initial answers were correct. There were many very poorly worded and structured questions. A very tough exam and I’ll pass it in 7 days when I go again.

  6. A query : Which networking secuirty policy will block or allow traffic destined to a VM that has had it’s effective MAC address changed?

    Isn’t the answer Forget Transmits correct…??

  7. Q12: Which network port binding option is no longer available in vSphere 5? correct answer is “Automatic”, Is till see dynamic as an option in vCenter 5

  8. Which of the following is true regarding the names of VMs within vCenter? Select 2Name can be a maximum of 80 charactersName can be a maximum of 25 charactersNames must be unique within the folders they are stored.Name can be a maximum of 15 charactersNames must be unique within the host they reside on, but two VMs on separate hosts can have the same name.VM’s cannot have names longer than 15 characters

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