1 thought on “Want to try VVOLs? How about StarWind?

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have successfully deployed Starwind VSA in my ESXi. As you have mentioned it is Windows 2012 server with Starwind Virtual SAN V8 build is installed as Setup. Nothing else i could find.

    I have few queries for you.

    1. Are Tomcat and VASA setup residing this VSA application itself? Since https://localhost:9991/vasa/ is not working.

    2. I thought i could be due to certificate issue and hence I tried your command. But it is failing below.

    C:UsersAdministrator>wmic -namespace:\rootstarwind path STARWIND_ClusterService call ResetVASA BindToInterfaceMAC=##-##-##-##-##-##
    Invalid Verb Switch.

    Kindly help me to proceed further.

    Karthik K

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