9 thoughts on “Dell VRTX upgraded to the supported version of ESXi 5.5 – Once again, No Storage!

  1. Just FYI we had a very similar issue after updating to 5.1U2 (from the recently DELL-released image build 1483097) and your procedure also solved our problem. Many thanks !

  2. So when I use command

    “esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list”

    I get no return, the cli immediately jumps down to another line so I can type another command,

    Im on ESXI 5.5 with update patches 1 and 2, using the Dell VRTX 620 blades. Been stuck on this for days! Would appreciate any help!

      1. Did you do a storage rescan after the snapshot command, and then try the snapshot command again?

        Sometimes this helps, but it seems to me like you actually applied the Dell image, which means you re-installed

        Also, might be a good idea to make sure you have the latest firmware?

        Just thoughts!

        1. Thanks I Ended up realizing Dell had multiple custom vmware ISO’s, I later ran into another issue with the network card and distributing resources.

          Im sorry to say we went with Hyper V and the setup and install was allot easier also the VRTX runs beautifully! Only needed to install the SAS driver on windows server which is as easy as double clicking 😮

  3. Hi, I’m desperate for some advice. I recently bought a VRTX with just 1 M520 node. After installing Dell customized ESXi 5.5 Update 2 image, the hypervisor simply has no network.

    DHCP was unsuccessful, set static IP to a valid one but still Test management network shows ping fail to the switch on VRTX as well as my gateway.

    Neither can any of the computers on my network ping the ESXi host. I’ve scoured the net for solution to no avail. tg3 drivers are already latest, and I’ve also tried patching ESXi to the latest according to the deployment guide provided by Dell. All ports in the vrtx switch are set to VLAN ID 1 which was how its been since delivered and I didn’t change any chassis configuration. I tried setting ESXi to vlan 1 too but it doesn’t work. I’m at a lost. Is there anything I need to do to configure the physical switch of VRTX to allow ESXi to communicate with it?

    Sorry for the rant and I don’t mean to go off topic from your article but like I said, I’m desperate. Thank you for reading.

    1. Problem solved. Turns out the integrated R1-2401 switch firmware needed an upgrade from to

      It was a mind boggling ordeal for me as everything seemed to checks out for the old firmware and this new version of firmware isn’t specifically listed in VRTX drivers list to fix this issue.

      In case it might help someone facing the same situation as mine, you can download the new firmware for your VRTX switch here. You’ll need to incrementally upgrade to before moving up to 2.x versions but all that is included in the zip bundle, just follow the pdf instructions and you’re all set.




  4. I just ran into this with my VRTX after upgrading the raid controller firmware. I had already upgraded to 5.5 and had things working with the 6.801.52 driver but then after applying the latest firmware the storage dropped off. I could see the controller in vmware under storage devices and it would come up under add storage ( I chose add with same ID) but it would not actually mount it.

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