First up it’s been a while, not just in between Friday Shorts but in between blog posts in general.  As you all know life sometimes gets in the way, as does work, as does kids, as does everything else in this world.  Either way – no excuses (Stanley Cup Playoffs) – I have a few posts I hope to get out over the next couple weeks so stay tuned, but for now, some Friday Shorts moves to public beta – yes, you can go and get it!

VMware LogoIf you think you have to wait until VMworld to see the features and benefits that the next release of vSphere will bring then you are wrong!  VMware has opened up the flood gates for testing of their next release of the flagship hypervisor to the general public (general public that has a VMTN account).  You can go the beta landing page here and sign up if you wish.

Reports from PowerCLI – Easy Peasy!

powerclilogoAlan Renouf has a great video series happening on the PowerCLI blog – more specifically this one that walks you through some of the options and cmdlets available to help you to put a little bit of formatting on some of the information you get out of PowerCLI.  Certainly have a look at this one!

Learning Puppet

puppetOne of my goals this year was to explore more automation and deployment applications such as Puppet.  Well they couldn’t have made it any easier for me (or you for that matter) to learn and explore what they have to offer.  Puppet has available for download the Learning VM – which walks you through things as simple as connecting to the console to writing manifests and plugins.  I haven’t had a chance yet to explore it personally, but at a glance it looks pretty helpful.

Anyways, that’s all for now 🙂