CaptureAs you have probably noticed (yeah right – you haven't noticed 🙂 ) I have changed the little award banner on my left sidebar from 'Top 50' virtualization blogs to 'Top 25' virtualization blogs.  This year moved up 19 spots to #20 on Eric Siebert's Top Blog voting and I couldn't be more humbled and appreciative of the VMware community.  Honestly, it's amazing to even be on the list, but moving up on the list over the last two years really gives me the drive to continue doing whatever it is you call this.  I am humbled, that's true – but honestly, I'm excited and content as well.  It feels great to be recognized and I think we can all agree on that.

Here's the thing – Two and half years ago I attended my first VMworld – a lonely little vSphere admin who didn't really have a handle on the technology but was developing quite an interest in it.  Those 4 days really changed my outlook on my career and how I consume information.  Getting on Twitter, sitting through a "Start your virtualization blog" talk with none other than the great John Troyer, Eric Siebert, and David Davis, and just getting a handle on all of the community resources available has drastically changed how I consume and research any new IT initiatives.  Fast forward to today and I'm sitting at #20 on the Top Blogs list.  I just think it's a cool story!

Either way, enough reminiscing – I just wanted to put this post up to say Thank You to everyone who voted, not just for me, but for all the blogs.  Over 1400 total votes and 300 + blogs just goes to show you the support that the VMware community has and how awesome it is!  Also, thanks to Eric for all the work he puts into this – it can't be an easy job tallying and filtering out those votes, let along maintaining his Launch Pad page.  I also won a cool prize as well in the forms of a tablet, as well as one to give away to one of you – so watch for that contest to start soon.

So thanks for reading and as always, let me know if I screw up 🙂  Here's to another great year!