paperclip-bentWhen I was a kid I was somewhat of a MacGyver freak. I used to watch the show regularly and was always interested in how old Mac would get himself out of the next jam. Anyways, ever since I've put xbmc on my raspberry pi ( thanks Simplivity) I've resurrected the MacGyver in my life and have started watching some reruns. One could maybe chalk this up to the break in the NHL ( thanks Sochi) or maybe it's just the stellar acting *sarcasm* of Richard Dean Anderson that has led the paper clip bamboo airplane making man back into my life. Whatever the answer I have quite the different outlook on the show then I did when I was 10

You are my Swiss Army Knife!

swiss_army_knifeI'm constantly looking for ways to metaphorically compare everyday life to IT. I guess you can thank the Geek Whisperers for that habit! So when I see MacGyver pull out that Swiss Army knife of his and turn a candle into a harpoon I can't help think about how it relates to my experiences in my day job. Day in day out I'm constantly faced with new challenges. Whether I need to adapt and learn about something new or figure out how to fix something that's broke, not a day goes by that I don't have to learn. So this is where the metaphor comes into play.  In a way the VMware community is my Swiss Army knife. There have been many a time where I've had to use this knife in order to get myself out of a bind or better the environment I work on by leveraging the many blogs, scripts, tips and tricks that the VMware community provides.

So just as MacGyver does, I use the resources available to me to get the job done, be it a chocolate bar to stop an acid leak or a blog post to configure and SSO database.  Sometimes you need to get creative and use bits and pieces from a few different resources, and sometimes it's not the most robust or permanent solution, but all in all, it gets the job done.


So, chalk this post up to me simply wanting talk about MacGyver, or consider it an opportunity for me to thank the VMware community for all the help over the years.  Hey, it also provides me with a great excuse to post some sweet mullet pictures.  Either way I need to get back to my show 🙂