Troubleshooting vSphere Storage eBook giveaway!

2062EN_mockupcover_normalA few weeks ago I released a post in regards to my finishing of the Troubleshooting vSphere Storage book.  This has been a lot of work and I’ve had a lot of help from the community in getting this book completed.

Writing a book is not a simple task.  It involves research, lab time, and focus.  And then there is the editing, both grammatically and technically – which can be even more work than the writing itself! 

I tried to gear this book towards the vSphere Admin.  The “jack of all trades” system administrator.  Hopefully readers will find the knowledge and how to within the book to solve common storage issues that tend to spring up within a vSphere environment.  The book is broken into three main subjects of focus; troubleshooting connectivity, troubleshooting contention and troubleshooting capacity.  If you’d like to purchase the book you can do so by visiting the landing page on Packt’s website and following the various channels.

Tis the season for winning

That said – Tis the season right?  The season for giving!  That’s why I’m happy to announce that I have three eBook versions of Troubleshooting vSphere Storage to giveaway over the next week or so.  A little light reading to enjoy over the xmas holidays!

As you can see by the little widget below, I’ve opted to use PunchTab to gather the entries for this contest.  It’s hectic trying to follow Twitter hashtags and what not so I thought “Hey, why not use a CaaS (contest as a service) solution.  Sorry for all the PunchTab branding but this is what you get when you use a free service πŸ™‚

So how do you enter?  It’s easy, leave a comment, send a tweet and follow me!  That will get you three entries!  Just make sure you do it through the widget below.  I’ll have PunchTab pick three random winners at the end of the contest (end of Sunday, December 15th) and announce the winners shortly thereafter.  Good luck and let me know what you think of the book!

  • Looking forward to chapters 2 and 4 the most, don’t we all suffer from contention!

  • Brian Nelson

    Chapter 1 – more understanding about PSA and I/O requests
    Chapter 2 – esxtop, you can always learn more!

  • Dee Abson

    I think that Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Storage Contention may prove extremely valuable in dealing with performance issues amongst a group of VMs with differing workloads.

  • Manuel Risco-Herrera

    Chapter 2: Commonly Used Tools for Troubleshooting Storage

  • Camilo Cortes

    Chapter 2: Commonly Used Tools for Troubleshooting Storage. Thanks!

  • Dave Hopkins

    Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Storage Contention looks very interesting. The subject of looking at vSphere features to help with latency, contention, placement, and compliance is my main interest.

  • Dan Barr

    Definitely interested in Chapter 4, since storage contention is the bane of performance in virtual environments.

  • Is anyone else getting an issue with the widget where the official “tweet” is too long for twitter?

    • Ankit Mehta

      Just remove the actual blog post link rather than PunchTab link as it works as a referral for 5 points! πŸ˜‰

  • Marc Crawford

    Chapter 2: Commonly Used Tools for Troubleshooting Storage

  • Eric Beach

    Chapter 2: Commonly Used Tools for Troubleshooting Storage

  • Ankit Mehta

    I liked the precise content. However, as others has mentioned already, I am looking forward to read Chapter 4! πŸ™‚

  • harshvardhan gupta

    “Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Storage Capacity and Overcommitment” will help me alot in my future projects.

  • Rob Nelson

    Don’t have a lot of experience on the storage side, so I’m looking forward to chapter anything – and the ability to load the contest widget!

  • Gallifreyan

    Chapters 2 and 5 are going to be my main interest, both for my own use and in teaching others.

  • Jakub D.

    Chapter 4: Troubleshooting Storage Contention and Appendix A: Troubleshooting Steps looks like most interesting for me, it is always good to have systematic/steps approach πŸ™‚