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Veeam keeps packing on features

veeam_logoOn Monday of last week, Veeam announced a couple of pretty cool new features that will be bundled in with the others that they have been slowly releasing over the last few months. One question that i have seen come up many times in the Veeam forums, sometimes even authored by myself is what the best way to get your backups offsite may be. Well Veeam has answered that with their very own wan acceleration and data movement options. Yup, your backup vendor is not only providing you with the option to move those backups offsite, but are now providing you with the most efficient way to do so. Veeam is slotted to be GA sometime in Q3 of this year! Cant wait! In the mean time have a look at what Veeam has put together for their monthly draw, a pretty sweet mobile lab that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.

DMZ and VMware vCloud Networking and Security

VMware LogoYou know vShield right? Ever wonder what VMwares’ recommendations are about how to properly design, configure, secure and deploy a fully virtualized DMZ are? If yes then you are in luck! A new technical whitepaper was put out this week titled Securing the DMZ with VMware vCloud® Networking and Security. This is no marketing stuff either. When they call it a technical paper they mean it. You will see how to setup the firewalls, the access rules, logging, VLANS, etc. Be sure to check it out!

The VMware clouds are rolling in

vCloudAs Im sure all of you have heard by now VMware has launched their own hybrid cloud model and added yet another acronym to their portfolio. The vCHS, or VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is supposed to hit a sky near you sometime in June. IMO I see this as a valid offering from VMware. One can only hope that the familiarity and comfort of the vSphere and vCloud will help to drive adoption. Certainly worth a look if you are a current vSphere customer

And in a tribute to the gloomy last 30 days or so before the Google Reader exit I thought I would try and include some of the many blog posts that I read on a daily basis and star inside of it. So without further ado i give you….

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