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SimpliVity out of stealth

simplivityOne of my fellow #vDB comrades Gabriel Chapman ( blog / twitter ) has joined SimpliVity.  I’ve not heard of SimpliVity before Gabe joined them but since have done a little reading on their product offering.  In a nutshell they provide a simplified building block solution for your virtual environment, one that contains everything you need to get going (storage, compute, network) in a 2U format called the OmniCube which is built for a scale-out environment.  The box looks pretty slick in the fact that it contains built in deduplication, replication, ha, etc…  If you have some time I would definitely consider going and checking them out over on – also vExpert Chris Wahl has a great post on their product over on his blog.  Congrats Gabe on the move – looks like a good one!

Veeam v7 to backup to tape!

veeamlogoTape is dead right – apparently not, Veeam has announced their support of adding an archive to tape option into version 7 of Backup and Replication.  Now I’ve been long off tape, but I’m sure this is appealing to those that are not.  Honestly it does make a good case for Veeam in the case that companies require retention for auditing.  This is the 5th peek into what Veeam is bundling with v7, along with vCloud Director support, a new vSphere Web Client plug-in, Veeam Explorer for SharePoint and a virtual lab for Hyper-V.  Be sure to sign up on their site to get notified of the v7 features as they announce them.

Have you seen/contributed to vOpenData?

vopendataAn interesting community project has been ramping up over the last couple of weeks called vOpenData.  Basically Ben Thomas and William Lam have created a database that compiles data taken from YOUR virtual infrastructure, applies some analytic s in the back end and pops out a pretty sexy page showing a ton of statistics showing things like average vmdk size, average number of datastores per cluster, etc…  If you have a few minutes check it out and if your up to it, contribute!