Happy New Sphere is back!!! Win a copy of Designing VMware Infrastructure by @TrainSignal and @Scott_lowe

It’s that special time a year again, a time for family, friends, laughter, food, fixing your sister-in-laws friends computer, oh, and giving!  And that’s just what I want to do…GIVE!  Back for a second year (that’s right, I have done something twice on this blog now) is my Happy New Sphere Giveaway!  Last year we handed out a copy of Trainsignals VCP 5 Training and this year we have a copy of TrainSignals Designing VMware Infrastructure to place in somebody’s hands.  If you haven’t already you can check out a previous review of this course that I’ve done.  It’s full of great information that any VMware designer, architect, or even administrator should know.  I thought this course was awesome!   Also, to one lucky runner up we have a copy of “Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0” by Mike Laverick (blog/twitter)  Because what’s a great design with a continuity/disaster recovery plan right?  Actually, it’s because I have one sitting around here from the Toronto VMUG to give away!!!!!!

So, here’s the answer to the question everyone has been asking!  How do I win?  What does it take?  Well, simply leave a comment on this post…Not really concerned about what is in it…leave your best design tip, what type of content you’d like to see on this blog in the coming year, your best #scottlowefact, a comment about either of the sponsors (Trainsignal or VMUG)…whatever you wish…

And wait, OMG a second entry!!!  Yes, just help me spread the word about the contest by sending out the following tweet.  That’s kind of a double edge sword as it actually decreases your chances of winning by the more people that sign up 🙂  Oh well, the price you pay for that precious second ballot!  Honestly, don’t be too concerned, there was only like 60 entries last year…The tweet and hash tag is below!



I’ll leave the contest open for new entries up to January 4th.  I’ll try to draw a winner sometime around then as well….don’t hold me to it though… 🙂  Either way, good luck and a big huge thanks goes out to Trainsignal and Angelo Luciani of the Toronto VMUG for graciously providing the prizes.  Oh, and Happy New Sphere!!!!!

  • AR

    #ScottLoweFact He looks like my dad.
    Also @Trainsignal sent me a package with a vNerd t-shirt and stickers all because they’re awesome.

  • The Trainsignal training kit would be the greatest New Year present I would have got in my vLife 🙂
    I would be really happy to win it!

  • Tomas Kuba

    I just studying for VCP5. You guys are doing a great job with all the training stuff!

  • Can they throw in some bacon with it?

  • Trainsignal training rocks! I’ll second Gabriel’s motion that they throw in some bacon. 😉

  • Camilo Cortes

    Thanks for all the resources you share for each of us that want to know more about this vWorld! This training should will be an excelent present! Thanks so much for share :D!

  • Thanks. Trainsignal is good material I hear.

  • Rajesh Potru

    Trainsignal videos are very helpful to refresh new technologies. Good stuff!!

  • I love bacon and Trainsignal

  • I would love the infrastructure design training from TrainSignal, I’ve used their stuff in the past and I’ve always passed the first time.

  • Great competition, thanks. Trainsignal always rocks!

  • Leon Scheltema

    I really like the infrastructure design training.

  • Studying for the VCAP-DCD so this would be a great resource.

  • I like turtles!

  • Michael Baranski

    VCAP-DCD in my future, thanks.

  • Victor Forde

    VCAP-DCD is a 2013 objective and Scott’s video training would be a really great help!

  • Malcolm Copland

    I love TrainSignal training materials. They are very professional, engaging and affordable. I also am so happy since I have discovered and started following the mwpreston dot net blog. Mike you write great material and it is so nice to have it coming from a fellow worker in the field of K12 education. Oh and you have also helped me spend some money on at least a couple of books you have reviewed/recommended. Keep on blogging.

  • Nice work with your blog! It was very helpful when studying for the VCP exam.

  • Craig Kilborn

    Great blog, looking to to do the VCAP-DCD so would be an excellent weapon in my tool box

  • Thanks for the contest Mike, and as always for the great blog content. I haven’t had an opportunity to check out any of TrainSignal’s courses, but if they’re half as good as everyone says, I’m sure they’re awesome!

  • eck79

    Thanks for the contest! Just a tip for people regarding their local VMUGs. If you aren’t happy with what’s going on (or lack thereof) then get involved! Find out who the leaders are and share your ideas or just volunteer to help. Far too many people just sit idle instead of helping grow or improve their local VMUG communities. Also, this training from Scott and TrainSignal would be great as I’m planning on taking my DCD5 at PEX in February.

  • I’ve been trying to get Trainsignal material for nearly a year now. Even moreso this month because I’m in the middle of the ICM v5.1 class right now!! I can’t think of a better gift to help reinforce the material. That’s why I’m always visiting this site. 🙂

  • Steve Payne

    If I win this training I will ship you a free Pizza.

  • Just found this blog. Can’t wait to see what is has to offer.

  • Just found your blog. Can’t wait to see what kinds of information goodies it has. Love that the industry has such a tight knit and always willing to share, community.

  • Andy Konecny

    Go Canadians Go, just get back on the ice soon please 😉
    keep up the great work, it’s great following a fellow VMUG Tor member who produces such great material here.

  • James Blakeley

    I really like TrainSignals Training kits and would love to own another. I just came across your blog and really impressed. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2013

  • I <3 VMware! Thank you for this site and for the practice exam! VCP5 in the next 2 days, wish me luck!