OK another quick post with some hopefully useful information for someone..

Remember these?

And how we could select Edit-Client Settings and uncheck the following box to get rid of them.

That was great, but guess what, now we have these….

So how do we get rid of them.  Easy! – Just go to help and select ‘Hide All Getting Started Pages’

There you go, all gone – you know longer have to sit and read the definitions of what a Cluster or Datacenter is!!!  Just throwing this out there due to the fact that those tabs tend to annoy the crap out of me!  #JustSayin 

The infrastructure behind this post was provided by #vAutoLab.  What?  Serious?  You’ve never heard of it?  Craziness, get on over to www.labguides.com and give it a go!  It’s awesomesauce!