5 thoughts on “The vSphere Web Client Server – First Impressions.

  1. Good write-up Mike.  Another item that needs to be fixed is the ability to see whether a VM is powered on or not.  In the inventory tree on the left, whether you are in the Hosts and Clusters View or the VMs and Templates view, all the VMs appear as if they are powered off

    1. Thanks! Funny that I never even noticed that! I use a workstation lab though and seldom have too many VMs powered on! Thanks for pointing that out Josh!

  2. I think that they are “getting there” with this 2nd or I suppose you could call it “third” generation of a useable web client. It will only be a matter of time before they are completely independent of an underlying OS to support their infrastructure. We are certainly seeing that with postgreSQL. As you mentioned in your post that they don’t have any integration with valuable plug-ins, they still have a long way to go. 

    For me, I have been waiting for a Mac VIC client for years and this is the only way I will see one on my desktop.

    1. Hey Rick. Thanks for the comment, no doubt they will continue to jam in all the functionality that they can. I’m just wondering if it is going to have to wait until new vSphere releases, or if they will send out Web Client updates separately from vCenter…

  3. Great Post. Just want to inform you that the Next Generation Client is capable of doing all the things you have doubts about (except the pluginability – this will be handled in the RC release).

    I bet you will be able to do at least 99% of your routine work with the soon-coming out Beta version of the NGC. 😉

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