11 thoughts on “Converting Veeam v5 Legacy Replica jobs to v6 VMware Replica jobs

  1. I followed this article to ‘convert’ my v5 replica jobs to v6 and now when I run the new v6 replica job (mapped to exisitng v5 replicas) it takes ages to complete the new replication. For example I started one over an hour ago and it’s still on 0%!  Why are they taking so long?

    1. Hey Mark,
      Is this still the case? it worked fine for me…what does the status say in the logs? I’ve seen where it is ‘waiting for resources’ due to the concurrent jobs setting on the proxy. Hope it’s worked out for you…

    2. It looks like the first time you run the job it spends a lot of time “Calculating digest”.  From what i can tell the remote backup proxies reads the entire VM to establish the baseline for future replication jobs and only needs to be done once.  I will take this over reseeding the backup jobs any day!

  2. Great post, thank you. A few minor questions:
    I wanted to give the new job the same name as the old legacy job. I did it by renaming the legacy job first and giving the new job the correct name. Hope that was sensible.
    Afterwards, I then tidied up and have removed from replicas and deleted the old vrb files. I still have a vbk file with an old date on it in the datastore. Can I safely delete that? (I do not need a replica from that date)
    Once the conversion has finished, should you then go back in and edit the new job to remove the low connection bandwidth (replica seeding) tick?

    1. You should be ok to go ahead and delete it, but to be sure, just check your backups/replica’s to make sure you arn’t actually still mapped to it within a job. Right click on your backups and chose properties and you should see what files they are actually using. And yes, you can remove the replica seeding tick as once you are initially seeded you should need it anymore… Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Hello,
    I recently moved couple of VMs from Repository to another
    Repository on another Server. I have created a new Job and selected
    multiple VMs. How can I map existing backup Jobs “.vbm” on the new Repository to match existing backup jobs?

    I found a way that I can map one-by-one, but is this the right approach?

    I don’t think this is the right way of doing it. because the earlier
    jobs are each has it’s own .vbm file and .vbk file. A job with multiple
    VMs will have one .vbm and one .vbk, but this VBK will have all the VMs
    on it.

    Appreciate your fast response. 

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