Okay, here we are.  A blog!?!  I’ve been so busy reading everyone elses’ blogs that I never even thought of writing my own.  That is until now!

So, a bit about @mwpreston, well, I’m from the great white north!  A fairly rural city in Ontario, Canada eh?  I’m a husband, father, and a huge Montreal Canadiens fan.  I’ve been employeed in and around the I.T. industry for the last 12 years or so, with the last 6 focusing in public education.  Throughout those 12 years I’ve mainly focussed on Applications development, Database administration, and as of late, virtualization.  I have a passion for all things surrounding I.T (especially when they work) and I hope that will come through in the content you find here.

Speaking of content, I’m really not sure what you will find on this space yet!  I hope to fill it up with my trials and tribulations of anything I have to deal with and resolve that I think may help others.  More specifically I’m sure you will see most posts with a strong focus on virtualization with a little bit of application and database development thrown in there.  I will try to keep my personal life out this space (mainly because I don’t think you would care to know anything about it) but I can’t help myself sometimes, and tend to go on the odd rant!

So you may find a hodge podge of almost anything here but my main goal will be to at the very least provide consistency.  It may be hard during the long cold months that we here in Canada call hockey season, but I’m sure I could squeeze some sort of update in during the 2nd intermission.  I wouldn’t count on anything valid being in the those 2nd intermission posts as they may turn out to be negative and ranty in nature, depending on the score of the Habs game.

I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, so if you find any error in what I am saying, or for that matter if you just plain feel like leaving a comment please do.  They are always welcome.  Also, I know for certain that I’m not the greatest writer in the world so hopefully people can bear with me as I produce content without proper punctuation and grammar.  You are just going to have to deal with it…hey, if you want, comment on how horrible it is…I don’t care!

So, in the great words of David Davis (@davidmdavis) “With that said, let’s get started…”