While studying for my VCP 5 certification (which I now have :)) I have compiled a ton of notes and thought what better way to help everyone else out with their studies then to share all my notes.  Below I have done just that. 

Follow the links below to see my study notes on each objective or if you fancy yourself an offline version you can download it all in a PDF.

***NEW*** Incase you didn't notice all the massive buttons, I have compiled around 80 or so VCP 5 practice questions.  You can go to each individual section, or if you wanted to go through all 80 of them you can from this page.  I'll try to update with more as I get the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

My VCP5 Study Notes (organized by objective)

Section 1 – Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
Objective 1.1 — Install and Configure vCenter Server
Objective 1.2 – Install and Configure VMware ESXi
Objective 1.3 – Plan and Perform Upgrades of vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
Objective 1.4 –Secure vCenter Server and ESXi
Objective 1.5 – Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions

Section 2 – Plan and Configure vSphere Networking
Objective 2.1 – Configure vNetwork Standard Switches
Objective 2.2 – Configure vNetwork Distributed Switches
Objective 2.3 – Configure vSS and vDS Policies

Section 3 – Plan and Configure vSphere Storage
Objective 3.1 – Configure Shared Storage for vSphere
Objective 3.2 – Configure the Storage Virtual Appliance for vSphere
Objective 3.3 – Create and Configure VMFS and NFS Datastores