A quick little break/fix that I ran into the other day with a Veeam instance of mine – Basically, I was trying to configure one VM within a replication job to store it’s replica data on a certain datastore – the process itself is fairly simple.  We basically use the ‘Pick datastore’ link on the Destination section of the configuration job – this allows us to essentially override the job settings on a per VM basis as it pertains to destination storage.  Well, I went ahead and selected my datastore, re-ran the job and received the following error.

A specified parameter was not correct: spec.vmProfile.

When looking a little more into the error we can see that it was attempting to apply the VM Encryption Policy storage profile to the VM.  This is new in vSphere 6.5, and basically allows us to encrypt the storage in which our VMs reside.  My issue was that I was not actually using the encryption features – however when you are browsing the datastores within Veeam we are doing so under the storage profiles – so when I searched and added my intended datastore, it added it under the encryption policy – in turn, failing my job.  The solution, don’t search for your datastore, and simply select it out of the list by expanding the ‘Default policy’ container as shown below…

After selecting the datastore from the ‘Default policy’ rather than the ‘Encryption policy’ everything seemed to be fine with the job itself.  I’m not sure how I ended up selecting from the Encryption policy as I never use it – maybe the search functionality returns the first occurrence of it, not sure – either way, manually selecting from the ‘Default policy’, or whatever the proper policy is in your environment should help point you in the right direction to getting rid of the spec.vmProflie error.  Thanks for reading!