logo-large-grayIs it just me or does it seem that every time you turn around Rubrik is breaking news about receiving some crazy high number of dollars in funding?  Their last round, a series C of a wee 61 million brought them up to a total of 112 M – that last round more than doubled their total!  In all honesty it’s only three rounds – maybe its every time I end up writing about them it’s close to a closing of a round!  Either way, the Palo Alto based company will be spending a little of that money to present at the upcoming Tech Field Day 12 taking place November 15/16 in Silicon Valley!

Disclaimer: As a Tech Field Day 12 delegate all of my flight, travel, accommodations, eats, and drinks are paid for. However I did not receive any compensation nor am I required to write anything in regards to the event or the presenting companies. All that said, this is done at my own discretion.

So who’s Rubrik?

Besides being the company that is always tempting me into webinars and trade shows with Lego (Yeah, I got a thing for free Lego) they deliver what they call a “Cloud Data Management Platform”.  Rubrik came to light just over a couple of years ago, when some peeps from Google/Nutanix/Oracle got together and aimed to bring a new approach to the 41 billion dollar data protection industry.  It felt odd to say they were founded just a couple of years ago as it feels like they have been around for quite while – maybe it’s because I seen them way back at Virtualization Field Day 5 – but the more appropriate reason it seems they are older is because they are already on their third major release, this one dubbed Firefly, of their flagship software/hardware appliances!

Cloud Data Management – huh?

Yeah, let’s take that term and break it down so we can see what Rubrik really does.  In its basics, it’s a data protection/disaster recovery appliance – on the cuff, it’s much much more.  Sure, the core functionality of the Rubrik boxes is to backup your VMware/Physical environment, but the benefits of Rubrik really come from the policy based approach that they take.  We don’t necessarily create backup jobs on Rubrik’s platform, instead we create policies, or SLA’s if we will – from there, we add our VMs and our data sources to those policies.  The simplicity of Rubrik is once the policies are all created and the objects added to them, we are essentially done – we can let the software do the rest.  Need at 30 minute RPO on that VM, create a policy.  Want that same RPO on your physical SQL server – add it to the same policy!  How’s about archiving older/stale data from those backups up to Amazon or Azure – hey, Rubrik can do that too!


I mentioned earlier however that Rubrik was much much more than backup.  Sure, backup is the bread and butter of the platform – that’s how they get the data on their box so they can apply the real magic against it.  Need to spin up a copy of a certain VM(s) for testing/development purposes – Let Rubrik do it, they can do it on flash!  Looking for a certain file inside of all those backups – yeah, remember I said Rubrik was founded by some people from Google – well they have a pretty nifty search that will globally search your backups, no matter where they are – meaning if they have been archived to Amazon or are sitting on another Rubrik box the search results are global!

I’m sure we will hear much much more from Rubrik come November and I’m excited to see them at a Field Day event once again!  Be sure to follow along – I should have the live-stream setup on my page here and get all of your Tech Field Day 12 information that you need by checking out the official landing page!  Thanks for reading!